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Quote1.png Son, I didn't get these Stars by being somewhere else when the spit hit the fan! Quote2.png
-- General "Thunderbolt" Ross

Appearing in "Cry Hulk, Cry Havok!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • A Biker Gang
    • Viking (Gang Leader)

Other Characters:



  • T-Gas Shells

Synopsis for "Cry Hulk, Cry Havok!"

The Hulk is trapped within the complex of Project Greenskin, with the military closing in. As General Ross and Major Talbot order the troops to go in, the Hulk decides to make his move and attempts to escape. When they attempt to gas the green giant, the Hulk manages to secure a gas mask and make good his escape, jumping through the roof of the complex and escaping into the desert, with General Ross vowing to capture the Hulk. Finding a butte to rest upon for the night, the Hulk tries really hard to remember a time when he was happy and has a dim recollection of his time romancing Jarella.

The Hulk reflects on this until dawn when he is interrupted by the military who has tracked him down in helicopters. Trying to attack the Hulk with special gas filled missiles has little effect, as the Hulk fights them off. However, the attack is called off when General Ross is ordered to appear in Washington for a congressional hearing about Project Greenskin. In Washington, Representative Roger Dutton butts head with Morton Clegstead on the cost of Project Greenskin. While Clegstead demands more need to be done, Dutton wants the money put into Greenskin be earmarked toward housing and poverty programs.

While the government deals with red tape, Betty Ross has convinced Glenn Talbot to take her out to continue the search for the Hulk. Glenn spots the Hulk jumping across the desert and they follow after the jade giant. The Hulk has spotted a biker gang chasing after a lone girl in a convertible. Seeing that the girl has green hair, the Hulk thinks it's his beloved Jarella and attacks the bikers. After smashing their bikes, the Hulk realizes that the girl is missing from her car and all the other bikers unaffected by the Hulk's initial attack have been thrown from their bikes. The Hulk questions them and learns that the girl some how manages to throw them from their motorcycles with the wave of his hand.

The girl in question turns out to be Lorna Dane, a mutant with magnetic powers and a member of the X-Men, she is out looking for her fellow X-Man Havok, who had left the group after an argument between Havok and Iceman over Lorna's affections led to Havok lashing out on Iceman and injuring him. Trying to find where Alex has holed up, one of the unmolested bikers has tracked her down and is about to descend upon her when he is blasted by Alex, who Lorna is happy to see. Reunited with the man that she is falling in love with, Lorna asks Alex that Professor X had sent her out to try and convince him to return to the X-Men. Alex refuses to return to the X-Men, and Lorna storms off because she wasn't there to "sell" him on the idea of returning to the X-Men for the Professor, she came out to find him because she also cares. Realizing that he's made a mistake, Alex tries to follow after her when the Hulk suddenly arrives. Seeing Alex as an enemy who has upset "Jarella" he orders Alex to get back or be attacked. Alex complies, but only to change into his Havok costumes and follow after Lorna and the Hulk.

The Hulk meanwhile has grabbed Lorna and is carrying her up the side of another butte. It's there that Hulk finally gets a good look at Lorna and realizes that she is not his beloved Jarella and is confused. Spotting Glenn and Betty's jeep driving toward them, the Hulk believes that this yet another military trick. While Lorna is trying to talk sense into the primitive brute, Glenn struggles about if he should tell Betty about Bruce's romance with Jarella. Havok arrives on the scene and attacks the Hulk, prompting him to leave Lorna to engage Havok in battle. Unmatched against the Hulk in strength, Alex uses his plasma blasts to keep the Hulk at bay. However, the Hulk turns the battle around by grabbing part of the butte and lifting it over his head, prepared to throw it on Alex.

Alex notices that Lorna is trapped on that portion, and decides that he must focus his powers at the Hulk's mind, causing the green giant great pain and forcing him to lower the butte slowly. As the Hulk passes out, Alex uses his powers to save Lorna from the butte. Once Lorna is safe on the ground, Alex decides that he will return with her to the Professor's school after all, leaving the Hulk behind.

The unconscious Hulk meanwhile reverts back to Bruce Banner just as Betty and Glenn arrive. Rushing to Bruce's side, Betty comforts him and realizes that Bruce is trying to say something. Getting close enough to hear, she listens as Bruce says "Jarella, my love..." realizing that Bruce is speaking another woman's name, the confused Betty asks Glenn what it could mean. Watching Betty cry, Glenn cannot tell her but suggests that maybe Bruce can explain to her when he wakes up.

Solicit Synopsis

The return of the man called - Havok! The magnetic might if Lorna Dane! Plus - ol' Greenskin on a rampage! It's action, cover to cover!


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk can't remember what happened to Jarella, but she was returned to the Microverse in Incredible Hulk #148.
  • The reason why Professor X wants Lorna and Havok to return to the X-Men is that at the time of this story mutants were going missing, kidnapped by the Secret Empire as seen in Captain America #173175.

Continuity Errors

  • In this story, Havok uses his powers to pull Lorna off the top of a cliff and back to safe ground. However, this is not how his powers work. One could assume that it was Lorna who used her magnetic powers to get herself down instead of Havok.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Jim Ingham, Richard Robinson, and Shirley Gorman.

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