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Bruce Banner

Appearing in "When Monsters Meet!"

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Synopsis for "When Monsters Meet!"

After confessing his love of Jarella, Bruce Banner finds himself stranded in the desert by a heart broken Betty Ross and Glenn Talbot. Banner becomes so angry he turns into the Hulk and the Hulk follows after his two friends. He watches at Glenn stops the jeep and the two give into a moment of passion and share a kiss. Witnessing this, the heart broken Hulk walks quietly away.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., General Ross is before a Senate committee to protest the funding cuts being put upon Project: Greenskin. While Senator Roger Dutton wants the funding to go toward more worthy causes, Senator Morton Clegstead is pushing in support of Project: Greenskin. When the hearing cannot make a conclusion they retire for the day, and Clegstead returns home. There he almost faints, and as it turns out he is suffering from a rare form of cancer and hopes that the information learned at Project: Greenskin from the Hulk could find him a cure.

His doctor, Lathrop has been able to smuggle out a sample of Bruce Banner's blood taken from his last incarceration at Project: Greenskin. He pressures Lathrop to fore go any animal testing and inject him with the formula he created in the hopes that it might cure his cancer.

Meanwhile, Bruce Banner has been traveling the rails and finds a newspaper that identifies that Henry Pym is going to be giving a speech at George Washington University and decides to go there to see if his old colleague can help him shrink down to size and return to Jarella's world. Arriving at the auditorium he learns from the janitor that the event had been canceled. When the janitor begins to hassle Bruce, he gets upset enough to cause him to transform into the Hulk and go on a rampage through Washington D.C.

As General Ross mobilizes an army to face the Hulk, Senator Clegstead finds the news the perfect opportunity to prove his claim and will solidify his bid to run for president. With Lathrop leading him to his car, Clegstead boasts about his position and is overheard by Dutton who confronts him. The two come to blows and Clegstead finds that he has superior strength, however, it comes at a price: his hand has become horribly mutated. As Lathrop drives away, Clegstead mutates into a gigantic cancerous mass that consumes him.

Their car crashes right in the middle of a military stand off with the Hulk, spewing the mass that was once the diseased Clegstead out onto the street where it begins consuming everything on the spot. The Hulk attacks the mass but finds that whatever he does only cause him pain as the mass attempts to consume him. The Hulk finally defeats the creature by ramming a metal pole into it. When lightning strikes the pole it incinerates the creature and in all the confusion the Hulk makes an escape.

General Ross is confronted by Senator Dutton who explains to him that he came across Lathrop's notes that indicate that curing the Hulk may provide great medical breakthroughs that are the benefit to everyone and agrees to motion that Operation: Greenskin's funding be continued.

Solicit Synopsis

They call it - the Crawling Unknown! And it's the one thing so loathsome - so mind-shattering - that even ol' Greenskin can't stop it!


Continuity Notes

  • Roger Dutton mentions the construction of Hulkbuster Base which was constructed during the events of Incredible Hulk #149 and failed to confine the Hulk last issue.

Publication Notes

  • This story is reprinted in Marvel Super Heroes #100.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Bruce Roland, John Apfelbaum, and Matt Graham. This issue also contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#874-Z.

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