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General Ross

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Synopsis for "But Who Will Judge the Hulk?"

The Hulkbusters have tracked the Hulk to the middle of the Nevada Desert, and as General Ross, Nick Fury and Captain America watch on the Hulk is incapacitated by the Hulkbusters gear. With the Hulk captured, Ross calls into the President to inform him the dirty deed has been done. When the Hulk relaxes enough to revert back into Bruce Banner, Ross orders that Banner be tranquilized around the clock as they prepare him for his coming court trail.

In San Francisco, Matt Murdock gets a call asking to represent Bruce Banner during his trial. Although this will turn out to be his most difficult case yet, Murdock accepts it and takes the next plane out to Las Vegas. While in New York the news of the Hulk's capture rowels up the Thing who is egged on by the Human Torch before they are broken up by Mr. Fantastic. Reed informs them that he intends on going to the trail to plead on Banner's behalf in that he is not responsible for what he has done as the Hulk.

On the flight to court, Matt Murdock has a private counsel with Bruce Banner, who wants to be found guilty believing that the electric chair would be a mercy compared to his continued existence as the Hulk. Concerned about his client's state of mind, he asks that General Ross reduce a number of sedatives that Banner is being subjected too. When Ross refuses, Matt threatens to call the Attorney General and have the case overturned because the government is violating Bruce Banner's rights and Ross finally concedes.

As the plane is about to arrive in New York, the Fantastic Four, J. Jonah Jameson, and Peter Parker all arrive to watch as the plane lands. While aboard the plane, Banner realizes that he has had the sedatives reduced, and begins to panic. Murdock's attempts to calm Banner down fail and he transforms into the Hulk. However, before the Hulk can cause any damage, Murdock is able to calm the beast down until the plane safely lands.

When Ross orders Matt to get out of the plane and let the military handle the problem the Hulk goes into a frenzy, believing that Murdock had lied to him. Smashing out of the plane the Hulk has the army and the Fantastic Four outside waiting to engage him.

Solicit Synopsis

Ol' Greenskin - captured and held for trial! And the lawyer's name is - Matt Murdock! Don't miss - "Who Will Judge the Hulk?"


Continuity Notes

  • Captain America and Nick Fury have a frosty relationship with each other in this issue because this story happens after the events of Captain America #149 when Cap refused Nick Fury's offer to join S.H.I.E.L.D. That refusal was not received very well.
  • The Black Widow's comments about being "really good friends" with Matt Murdock is a reference to the fact that this story is happening during the period in which the pair became partners and later lovers between Daredevil #83107.
  • The Thing is eager for a rematch with the Hulk because he lost their last clash with each other in Fantastic Four #112.

Publication Notes

  • Coloring credits verified in letters column.
  • This story is broken down into two chapters, probably to accommodate the 25 Cent Giant format of Marvel Comics from several months back. Chapter II is entitled, "Defender of Doom".
  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Helen Richards, Albert Tindall, and Chris Johnson.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#938-Z.


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