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Quote1.png Hulk does not smash ... children. Quote2.png
-- The Hulk

Appearing in "Frenzy on a Far-Away World!"

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  • Omnivac

Synopsis for "Frenzy on a Far-Away World!"

As the rocket controlled by the leader rockets towards the wedding of Betty Ross and Glenn Talbot, carrying the Rhino inside to crash the nuptials, the Hulk smashes the ship from outside causing the Leader to loosen his hold on the Rhino's body. With no memory of how he got aboard the ship the Rhino is confused as to why the Hulk is attacking him. Putting on a space helmet, the Rhino exits the ship and battles the Hulk. With the elimination of both the Hulk and the Rhino (whom the Leader assumes will only attempt to betray him again), the Leader decides to let the two duke it out as their ship spirals out of control into the furthest reaches of space.

This battle is also being monitored by General Ross and his men, who inform the General that the ship is spiraling toward the sun and ultimate destruction, much to the General's relief. However, such is not the fate of the Rhino and the Hulk. The ship instead orbits around the sun until it passes through the atmosphere of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth. The Hulk knocks the Rhino off his ship and then lands in a city where he interrupts a battle between Kohbra's beast men battle Porcuninus' rebellion group. The Hulk's interruption causes Kohbra and his minions to flee. As Porcuninus offers the Hulk friendship and sanctuary they are spotted by the military who are being led by Counter-Earth's versions of General Ross and Glenn Talbot. However, they flee the scene, leaving Ross and his men to wonder just what the heck happened.

Aboard his space station watching over his creation, the High Evolutionary muses grimly at the discovery of his New Men on Counter-Earth, even though he knew it was going to be an eventuality. When Ross is harassed by newspaper reporter Jason Anders, Ross tells him to get lost, however, sticks around long enough for the arrival of Counter-Earth's versions of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross to arrive and report to General Ross about an alien ship that the military has seized. Anders rushes off to report this story and it makes all the papers. The story gets into the hands of both warring factions of New-Men who seek to claim the shuttle.

At the military base, Bruce Banner examines the ship and is surprised to learn that it is powered by Gamma Rays, and recalls his close encounter where he saved a young boy named Rick Jones from the explosion of his experimental Gamma Bomb. On Counter-Earth, instead of being caught in the explosion and being turned into the Hulk, Bruce Banner managed to get to safety.

When the Hulk and Porcuninus' New-Men arrive, the Hulk recognizes Banner, but since the Hulk considers Bruce Banner to be a separate being, he doesn't realize that this Bruce Banner is a duplicate. Before the Hulk can attack Bruce, Bruce's son Bobbie tries to hit the Hulk demanding that the Hulk not hurt his father. The Hulk, confused by all this and unable to strike a child stops his attack. This lets his guard down to be struck by the Rhino who has teamed up with Kohbra and his minions and a fight over control of the ship begins.

Watching this from his space station, the Leader attempts to call back his ship in the hopes of standing the Hulk and Rhino on Counter-Earth. However, the Hulk manages to knock the Rhino out and noticing that the ship is about to take off boards it carrying the unconscious Rhino with him. As the ship blasts off, both factions of the New Men retreat and the Hulk reflects on his hatred of Bruce Banner and realizes that he cannot hate a man who has a good son. As the ship flies away from Counter-Earth, the relaxed Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner. As Banner reflects on what he can recall, he begins to wonder if the Betty of his Earth has a future with him as well.

In contrast of this, on Earth, the wedding of Betty Ross and Glenn Talbot is finalized without much incident, much to the relief of General Ross, and the two newly weds drive off to their honeymoon, while in deep space Bruce Banner is in a ship piloting to a course unknown.


Continuity Notes

  • The Leader is crippled here because he was greatly injured during his last battle with the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #147 he remains in this condition until after the events of Marvel Feature #11.
  • Warlock and his disciples appear here between the events of Warlock #2 and 3.
  • The reason why there are no super-heroes on Counter-Earth, let alone a Hulk, is because when the High Evolutionary created this world in Marvel Premiere #1 he made replicated the history of the Prime Earth but intervened in situations where people (such as Bruce Banner) would have gotten their powers. Hence why the Bruce Banner of Counter-Earth wasn't turned into the Hulk, much as Bruce Banner-Prime was in Incredible Hulk #1.

Publication Notes

  • Plot by Thomas, script by Gerber.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Bruce Graulin, Haven Metzger, Brad Williams, Wayne Springer, and Ted Holden.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1073-Z.

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