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Tiger Shark

Appearing in "Nightmare in Niagara Falls!"

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  • USAF Fighter Planes
  • Spad McCracken's Plane (Destroyed)
  • Talbot's Car

Synopsis for "Nightmare in Niagara Falls!"

After learning from the Abomination that Betty Ross has gone to Niagara Falls, the Hulk bounds across the country to try and track her down. However, the Hulk eventually stops when he realizes that he has no idea where Niagara Falls is and stops by a lake to think about things. This calms the Hulk down enough for him to transform back into Bruce Banner. Dazed, Banner decides to continue searching for better, and traveler's checks that he has he buys some new clothes and hires a private plane to fly him to Niagara Falls.

Meanwhile, General Ross mobilizes a flight team of Hulkbusters to search for the Hulk. As they fly out of the Project: Greenskin base, the Rhino revives and sneaks away after his fall into the Earth's atmosphere when Ross blasted the ship he and the Hulk were in as it returned to Earth.

Reaching Niagara Falls the pilot flying Bruce Banner mentions that it is an ideal vacation spot for honeymooners. Bruce then remembers that Betty has recently married Glenn Talbot and recalls that the Hulk was told she was in Niagara Falls. The distress caused by this realization causes Bruce to transform into the Hulk once more. The Hulk then jumps out of the plane, smashing through its roof and causing it to crash.

Coincidentally the plane crashes right in front of Glenn Talbot who witnesses the Hulk landing in the falls. Not wishing Betty to see the Hulk, Glenn rushes off to spirit her away to some place else before she does. The Hulk spots Talbot and considers him an enemy, and begins climbing up the falls to capture him. Along the way, he is ambushed by Tiger Shark, who has been hiding in Niagara Falls ever since he helped Llyra kill the Sub-Mariner's father and thinks the Hulk has been sent by Namor to get revenge.

As the two titans battle it out in the Falls, Glenn rushes off to call General Ross so that support can come to battle the Hulk. He then rushes back to the hotel room that he and Betty have been staying at and suggests that they go and take a trip up into Canada to see the sights. He manages to convince her to go on the trip, leaving her completely unaware that her first true love is battling for his life in the waters nearby.

The Hulk is submerged in water and is easily outmatched by Tiger Shark in his natural environment. Needing air, the Hulk manages to get away long enough to surface and get on dry ground. Tiger Shark follows after him to resume the fight, this, however, proves to be the villains undoing. Here the Hulk easily defeats him, smashing him about and grabbing him by the fin and slamming him into the rocks before throwing his unconscious body into the waters below. By this point General Ross and the Hulkbusters have arrived, prompting the Hulk to retreat by punching a tunnel through the rocks.

Having lost the Hulk, the Hulkbusters pull back to wait until he resurfaces. When the Hulk does, he does so many miles later well into the Canadian border. Unaware where he is, the Hulk bounds onward in his quest to find Betty, unaware that he has just jumped past her as she drives through the Canadian wilderness with Glenn.


Continuity Notes

  • This story recaps Tiger Shark's alliance with Llyra that lead to the death of the Sub-Mariner's father Leonard McKenzie. This happened in Sub-Mariner #4446.
  • The Hulk's recent alliance with the Sub-Mariner is mentioned as well. This is a reference to the Hulk joining the Defenders in Marvel Feature #1. The Hulk refers to Doctor Strange as a "stupid magician" in this story as he is still upset with him following their battle with Xemnu the Titan in Marvel Feature #3.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Element Four, H. Wayne Sloan, and Michael N. Tierstein.

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