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Betty Talbot

Appearing in "Death from on High!"

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  • "Big-Feet" (First and only known appearance)
    • Numerous unnamed creatures

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Synopsis for "Death from on High!"

Following the destruction of the Bi-Beast's floating island, Bruce Banner and Betty Talbot fall from the sky to a seeming doom until Bruce allows himself to transform into the Hulk to allow for their safe landing. They find themselves on a remote island and as the Hulk is trying to figure out what to do, it begins to rain prompting the monster to carry her to a nearby cave in order to keep dry.

Awakening and with no memory of anything after that happened just prior to her nervous breakdown she believes that she has been kidnapped by the Hulk. As the Hulk goes out to look for food Betty makes a break for it and eventually the storm breaks. As she rests for a moment the ground suddenly rises up, and to her shock and horror it is not the ground at all, but some strange alien creature. Before it can harm Betty the Hulk arrives and attacks it, knocking Betty out. The Hulk beats the creature into submission and sends it running.

Carrying Betty back to the cave, it begins to rain again and the Hulk goes out when a tree is struck by lightning and brings it's flames back to the cave to keep them warm and dry. Hulk then resumes his search for food, and spotting a deer he attempts to kill it with a rock but can't bring himself to do it. He finds a fruit tree instead and brings back it's bounty for Betty to eat. Noticing that Betty has a wound on her shoulder that has gotten infected the Hulk somehow knows how to pick roots and leaves that will heal and dress the wound so that it can heal. When Betty awakens she panics and tries to run away from the Hulk however the Hulk blocks her way not wanting her to run into the creature they faced before. Emotionally exhausted Betty goes into a dead faint asking the Hulk to let her die.

When the storm breaks the next day, a hesitant Betty agrees to go out for a walk with the Hulk. Finding some berries, the Hulk crushes them and applies their juices to Betty's face as though they are make-up, Betty uneasily accepts this. Wandering to a pond, a carnivorous lizard jumps out of the water to attack them and the Hulk beats it into submission and throws it far away hoping that Betty will swim in the water. However, Betty just wanders off, with the Hulk following in tow wondering what is wrong.

They come across an old crashed plane and Betty searches it in futility in the hopes of finding a working radio inside. That night as the Hulk is sleeping, Betty feigns sleep and waits until she has the cover of dark to escape to search the island for some means of getting off it. She finds nothing, except for the alien creature she encountered previously, and two of its comrades. The Hulk awakens to find Betty missing and tracks her and the alien creatures to the top of the islands volcano. Attacking the creatures head on, he frees Betty and knocks the monsters to their doom in the lava below. The Hulk then picks up Betty and jumps to safety just as the volcano erupts.

Spotting a military helicopter heading toward the area, the Hulk tells Betty to go with it and that he will be fine and leaves her to be rescued. However, when the military picks her up and leaves nobody is aware that the Hulk has secretly hitched a ride on the bottom of the helicopter.


Continuity Notes

  • Everyone thinks that Glenn Talbot was killed in the rescue mission during the events of Incredible Hulk #166 however he survived and is a prisoner. His survival is eventually discovered in Incredible Hulk #187.
  • Although one of the aliens reminds the Hulk of Aquon (who the Hulk fought in Incredible Hulk #165) the identity of the creatures on this island, or their origins are unknown.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Kim Thompson Ralph Macchio, and Bruce Long.

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