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The Hulk

Appearing in "The Man Who Came Down on a Rainbow!"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Came Down on a Rainbow!"

The Hulk is still lost in the Soviet Union, and his presence in that country has let to a clash against Soviet Forces, who do not fare very well against the green giant. The Hulk easily smashes them and then makes his escape. Landing in the nearby wilderness, the Hulk spots a young bear cub and attempts to befriend it. However, the bear's mother doesn't like this and attacks the Hulk. The Hulk, not understanding, attacks the mother bear until he realizes it was only trying to protect its cub from him. The Hulk, angry at this rejection allows the bears to flee.

As the Hulk wanders the wilderness he spots a rainbow and feels himself drawn to it. Coming to its true end, the Hulk is surprised to see a golden-skinned man skate down the side of the rainbow and greet him. The being introduces himself the Glorian, and tells him that he has come to help the Hulk by bringing him to a better place, where his dreams will come true. Taking the Hulk by the hand, Glorian takes the Hulk across the universe to a lush green world that that Hulk finds instantly peaceful. Telling the Hulk that this land is a gift to him and that it is everything he's ever wanted, the Glorian disappears to allow the Hulk to explore. As the Hulk crosses the wilderness, he comes hears some familiar music and his shocked to see his friend Crackerjack Jackson, apparently alive and well. This supposed resurrection brings the Hulk much joy and the reunited friends walk off into the wilderness.

Little does the Hulk know this fantasy world is a construct of a being he has met before in the past: The Shaper of Worlds. The Shaper, having realized that he lacks imagination to create his illusions has decided to bring joy to those and experience their wildest imaginations with them, and has selected the Hulk as the first such person to receive his gift. The Glorian thanks the Shaper for saving his life and giving him new purpose as well.

That night the Hulk and Crackerjack camp out and the Hulk has his favorite food: beans. He sleeps peacefully that night and the next morning Crackerjack shows the Hulk yet another surprise: His lover Jarella. The Hulk is delighted to see her and she tells him that they will be together forever, and the Hulk spends some quality time with a woman who is supposedly the love of his life.

While back on Earth, General Ross brings Betty to see her husband Glenn Talbot and she is horrified to find that following his ordeal in Russia he is now just a mindless husk. This brings her to tears, especially when the doctor on base provides a bleak outlook on Glenn's possibility for recovery. General Ross refuses to give up so easily and vows to restore Glenn's mind no matter what.

Back on the Hulk's fantasy world, the Hulk continues to spend his day with Crackerjack and Jarella when they are suddenly ambushed by an army of Toad Men. They have come to capture the trio as slaves. The Hulk, not remembering them from his previous encounter years ago, attacks them, however their superior weapons succeed in knocking the Hulk out. The Hulk, Jarella and Crackerjack are then loaded up into one of the Toad Men's ship and the blast off heading for their home world: Toadworld. Revived, the Hulk finds himself in shackles and watches as the world he considered a paradise slowly drifts out of sight as they travel through space.


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