Quote1 Hulk only wants to be left alone! Quote2
-- The Incredible Hulk

Appearing in "The Sword and the Sorcerer!"

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Synopsis for "The Sword and the Sorcerer!"

Continuted from last issue...

The Hulk finds himself transported to the mystical realm of Terragonia and appears in the cave of the wizard Shamu-Shan. The Hulk is confused and bewildered by his sudden arrival, but Shamu-Shan insists that his magics had summoned the Hulk there to help his people in their time of need. However, the Hulk is furious at being taken here without his permission. Shamu-Shan's people also believe that the elderly wizard had summoned a demon and attack the Hulk. As expected, the mentally stunted brute lashes out against his attackers until Shamu-Shan is able to calm the Hulk down.

Shamu-Shan then tells the jade giant that his are under the tyrannical rule of a barbarian calling himself Kronak. The wizard explains that Kronak appeared one day as a mercenary for hire who eventually became involved in the holy war between the cities of Gurdun and Kammatet. Scarred from that encounter, Kronak later became a pirate aboard a ship called the Black Lion. Eventually, Kronak had earned the position of Captain of the Guard for King Modrian. However, Kronak only sought to covet the King's Ruby of Shadows, a powerful mystical amulet. Kronak later slew the king and took the amulet and his position of power and has ruled over the people of this land with an iron fist with the aid of the wizard Dragonus ever since.

After hearing Shamu-Shan's story, the Hulk is uninterested in helping these people, telling them that he only wants to be left alone. However, when he hears a young girl cry about nobody being strong enough to stop Kronak, the Hulk takes this as a challenge. The Hulk, seeking to prove that he is stronger than Kronak, then bounded for the castle. There at the castle walls he faced opposition of the Cat-Brothers, Kronak's loyal army. When they refuse to let him in, the Hulk forces his way in, leading to a clash. Ultimately, the battle is lost by the Hulk when Dragonus intervenes using a potion to cause one of the castle walls to collapse upon him. Knocked out by this suddenly attack, the Hulk then reverts back to Bruce Banner and is taken prisoner.

Banner is taken before Kronak, who is amused to learn that this scrawny man is Shamu-Shan's champion. Bruce is met with even more mocking laughter when he warns Kronak to let him go or suffer the consequences. Instead, the warlord forces Bruce to battle him in his gladiatorial arena. Barely able to lift his own sword, Banner finds himself no match against the warrior, but the ensuing battle works up Banner's pulse to trigger another transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk easily disarms Kronak, causing the barbarian to panic. Seeking any means to stop the monster before him, Kronak unleashes the guardian of the Ruby of Shadows. The two monsters grapple each other, but the Hulk's increasing rage allows him to overpower the Guardian, knocking it back into the ruby. So powerful was the blow that the ruby also shatters.

With defeat looming, Kronak then orders his guards to attack the Hulk, but they fare just as poorly as the guardian and are easily trounced by the Hulk. Meanwhile, the battle has worked up enough courage in Shamu-Shan's followers that they stage a revolt on the castle, taking down the remaining guards who are not busy battling the Hulk. Despirate to win, Kronak lunges at the Hulk but is easily defeated. Hearing the people calling out for their ruler's blood, the Hulk tossess Kronak into the franzied mob to mete out justice instead. When Shamu-Shan tries to congratulate the Hulk, he is shocked when the Hulk suddenly begins to shrink and then disappears into nothingness, leaving nothing but the shattered ruby amulet to commemorate the fall of an empire.


Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Ricky Forman, Dave Geisinger, A. Argent Thompson, and Skip Knox.

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