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Synopsis for "Alone Against the Defenders!"

After the Hulk went on a rampage through New York City, his teammates in the Defenders have come to put a stop to it. When they ask why the Hulk is lashing out he points to the police officers down below. When the Hulk is about to continue his rampage, Doctor Strange tries to bond the man-monster in the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak. This still doesn't stop the Hulk's rage as he causes the entire building they are standing on to collapse. Strange is able to protect his teammates with a Shield of the Seraphim, but the Hulk uses the building collapse to cover his escape.

Meanwhile, at Gamma Base, Betty Talbot talks to her father about the marital problems she is having with Glenn since he was taken out of his catatonic state. When she explains that Glenn refuses to reach out to her about his problems, General Ross promises his daughter that he will be there for her no matter what.

Back in New York City, the Hulk has escaped into the sewers but he doesn't like the smell. Seeing a manhole cover, he rises to the surface and spots a woman he mistakes for Jarella from behind. He easily frightens the woman, and when he realizes his mistake the Hulk becomes even more distraught. About to start his rampage anew, the Hulk is suddenly attacked by Nighthawk. He is soon joined by the rest of the Defenders. In the ensuing battle, the Hulk damages an overpass of the West Side Highway. As Doctor Strange uses his magical powers to hold up the overpass, the rest of the Defenders fend off against their one-time ally. The Hulk fends off attacks by both Red Guardian and Valkyrie and knocks them aside leaving only Nighthawk standing. Nighthawk lures the Hulk off the highway and manages to talk sense into the Hulk, reminding the brute that they are still friends. This sinks into the Hulk who relents, and after Doctor Strange fixes the bridge they listen to why the Hulk had come to New York.

Doctor Strange agrees to see what he can do to revive Jarella and takes the Hulk and the Defenders back to his Sanctum Sanctorium. There, Doctor Strange sends his astral form to New Mexico where he presents himself to Doc Samson, Glenn Talbot, his wife Betty and General Ross. Strange explains his presence and they allow the mystic to examine Jarella's body. Washing over the corpse with the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange concludes that there is nothing he can do to help Jarella either. When Strange returns to his Sanctum, he tells the Hulk the bad news. This latest let down causes Hulk to lash out once again, but this time Doctor Strange holds his teammates back, telling them to let the Hulk get it out of his system. The Hulk's rage eventually gives in to sorrow as he breaks down and cries on Valkyrie's shoulder. Getting himself back together, the Hulk tells them that he will be all right, but insists he must leave. Unsure what to say to him, his fellow Defenders can only watch as the Hulk sullenly exits their defacto headquarters.


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk is seeking a means of resurrecting his dead lover, Jarella, who was killed in Incredible Hulk #205. The Hulk mistakes the woman for Jarella because she is wearing a similar outfit that Jarella wore on the day she died.

Publication Notes

  • Cover art modifications by Romita.
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Watanabe pages 2-17.

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