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Appearing in "You Just Don't Quarrel with the Quintronic Man!"

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Supporting Characters:


  • Quintronic Man 🢒 (First appearance)
    • Unidentified pilot (head) (First appearance)
    • McCord (right arm) (First appearance)
    • Stetson (left arm) (First appearance)
    • Van Dyke (right leg) (First appearance)
    • Unnamed pilot (left leg) (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "You Just Don't Quarrel with the Quintronic Man!"

While walking the streets of New York City, the Hulk and his ally Jim Wilson run into members of the New York Police Department who immediately begin opening fire at the Hulk. As expected, this does nothing but anger the Hulk who easily knocks aside the officers attacking him. Before things get out of hand, Jim tries to talk the Hulk out of harming one of the officers. However, his pleas are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a truck from Stark International. From inside the trailer emerges a massive robot dubbed the Quintronic Man, because it is operated by five pilots, one in each limb and a master controller in the head.

Meanwhile, back at Gamma Base, the man who mysteriously appeared outside in the desert struggles with his bout with amnesia. However, he feels strangely drawn to the machines in one of the labs at Gamma Base. As he examines the machines he is interrupted by Doc Samson. Samson reminds the man that he is a psychiatrist and wants to help the stranger recover his memory. As Samson leads him out of the lab, the stranger takes one last longing look at the equipment.

In New York City, the pilots of the Quintronic Man prepare to battle the Hulk, however, the weapons systems are not enough to slay the brute, nor are the pilots clashing personalities helping their ability to work together. While the battle rages on, Bruce Banner's landlord April Sommers watches the news of the battle on television. As the newscaster reports on the battle, April hears someone moving around in the building and goes to check it out. Although she finds nobody, she misses the part where the news anchor mentions the Hulk's double identity, something that Banner has been keeping secret from her since he moved in.

Elsewhere in the city at a sleazy underworld hideout, a gang of crooks are interrupted by the arrival of Jack of Hearts who has started a crusade against crime to avenge the death of his father who was murdered by criminals. The criminals are no match for Jack, who easily knocks them out with his Zero-Energy powers. With the battle over, Jack of Hearts overhears a radio report about the Hulk's battle in the city and decides that he will stop the Hulk next. Meanwhile, the Hulk continues to battle the Quintronic Man. As the operators struggle to get the behemoth off of their robot, they manage to get a reprieve by incapacitating the brute with somna gas. At that moment aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, Clay Quartermain and General Ross meet with Gaffer to impart their expertise about gamma radiation to try and learn the mysteries of a strange capsule salvaged from the ocean floor. However, they have no way of opening the strange device and decide to go over their notes. When the capsule is left alone, it suddenly opens on its own by something contained within.

Back in New York City, the police load the Hulk into the back of a police wagon and take Jim Wilson into custody as well. Not wishing the Hulk to get captured on his behalf, Jim takes action and forces the police truck to crash into a wall. This damages the truck enough for the gas to seep out of the prisoner section enough for the Hulk to awaken. The Hulk then resumes his battle with the Quintronic Man. This time when the robot operators try to use the gas again, the Hulk cleverly blocks the gas vent with a chunk of debrist causing the gas to fill the control compartments of the robot. With the pilots knocked out, the robot topples over. With the immediate danger gone, the Hulk grabs Jim Wilson and leaps away. Moments later, Jack of Harts arrives and realizes that he is too late to stop the Hulk, but vows to finish the brute off none-the-less.


Continuity Notes

  • The mystery man in the building that Banner rents the room is revealed to be Kroptokin the Great, revealed next issue. As stated in Incredible Hulk #208 he was evicted from the place for failing the pay the rent and April kept his possessions.
  • Unlike most real life individuals appearing in a Marvel Comic book, the appearance of Len Wein in this story is not considered a topical reference. On Earth-616 all Marvel creators exist in the Modern Age and appear to be in the relative prime of their lives in that universe regardless of what their ages are in the real world.

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