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The Hulk is washed ashore following his battle against the Bi-Beast. Trying to figure out what happened to him the Hulk smells food cooking and decides to check it out because he is hungry. Entering the nearby woods he comes across a circus wagon. He is suddenly attacked, and when he fights his attackers off he is shocked to discover that they are circus freaks. Considering the Hulk a freak like themselves, the circus troupe introduces themselves: Stilts the Rubber Man, Rex the Dog-Boy, Blossom the fat woman, and Major Minor, a little person. They welcome the Hulk among them and introduce them to another member of their group, a beautiful woman named Meriam. Upon gazing upon the beautiful woman, the Hulk becomes insecure and tries to leave, but Meriam insists that he must stay with them. Unable to say no to her, the Hulk resigns to stay.

He soon learns that these travelers are on the run from someone and agrees to accompany them on their journey. Down the road they discover that there is a bridge down. The Hulk uses his strength to fashion a crude bridge from a massive tree. They cross the bridge and set up camp for the night. It's then that they explain that they left the circus they were working for because the Ringmaster became greedy upon discovering Meriam and sought to exploit her to make a fortune. Not liking this, the freaks decided to break free and fled with Meriam, but know that the owner of the circus still pursues them.

The Hulk stands guard while the others sleep that night but he is soon joined by Meriam. However, no sooner has the woman joined him does she begin to grow faint. The Hulk panics, awakening the others and they come to the woman's aid. Meriam, as it turns out, has been having fainting spells since they found her and that each time she faints her condition gets worse. Suddenly, they are attacked by the circus that is pursuing them. As it turns out, it is the Hulk's old foes the Circus of Crime. As the Hulk is wrapped up in Princess Python's snake the freaks come out to help him. However, the battle is quickly ended when the Ringmaster uses the hypnotic device on his hat to put the Hulk in a hypnotic trance and they are all taken prisoner.

They are all locked in circus cages while the Ringmaster demands that Meriam lead him to untold riches. When she flat out refuses, the Ringmaster threatens to feed the woman to Princess Python's snake. Meanwhile, Major Minor manages to break free from his cage and rouses the Hulk. Hearing that Meriam is in danger puts Hulk into a fury and he snaps out of his trance. Breaking out of his cage, the Hulk frees the others and then rips apart the Ringmaster's trailer. The Ringmaster then gives out the call to the rest of his Circus of Crime. While the others keep the Circus of Crime at bay, the Hulk fights his way through and confronts the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster attempts to use his hypnotic powers on the Hulk, but the brute is far too angry to be controlled. When nothing works against the Hulk, the Ringmaster cracks and flees in fear.

With the battle over, Meriam runs to the Hulk but has another fainting spell. The Hulk comes to her side and she explains that she is actually a siren from the sea and that she came to the land because she was lonely. Now realizing that she cannot stay lest she perish, she asks the Hulk to bring her back out to sea. The freaks stay behind realizing that this is a moment that they must have alone. Back at the sea, Meriam thanks the Hulk for being so kind to her. Soon she is back out in the sea, leaving the Hulk alone once more. The Hulk then wanders off.


Continuity Notes

  • The Ringmaster recounts his past encounter with the Hulk from way back in Incredible Hulk #3.

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