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Appearing in "The Rhino Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"

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Synopsis for "The Rhino Doesn't Stop Here Anymore"

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 218 001

While out on a walk Doc Samson reads a newspaper report that states that the Hulk may have perished falling from the sky. However, Samson refuses to believe the Hulk could have been slain so easily, especially after all the times the brute has cheated death in the past. Samson is troubled by with more than the fate of the Hulk, he is also struggling to help revive the memory of the mystery man that arrived at Gamma Base. His thoughts are interrupted when he notices a rail bridge above him is beginning to crumble. With a train approaching, Samson leaps onto the bridge and discover that the damage was deliberately done. The only way to prevent the train from crashing to the ground is for Samson to brace the damaged portion of the bridge from underneath. The bridge manages to hold together long enough for the train to pass. When Samson rushes clear from the bridge it finally collapses. Samson is thanked by the train conductor who invites him on board so they can report the damaged line. As the train pulls away, the Rhino watches from nearby. Furious that his plans were foiled, he refuses to fail at his appointed task.

As the train speeds across the countryside, Doc Samson thinks about all the drama in his life. His troubles with the Hulk as well as the recent departure of Betty Ross-Talbot. Leonard feels at least partially responsible for the troubles Betty has had with her marriage to Glenn Talbot. As he considers giving up on being a psychiatrist, his thoughts are interrupted when the Rhino catches up to the train and knocks it clear off the tracks. With the train derailed, the Rhino goes into one of the mail cars and recovers a package he was hired to recover. By this point, Doc Samson has managed to free himself and confront the Rhino. However, the would-be hero doesn't take into account the Rhino's speed and savagery. As the Rhino flees the scene, Doc Samson realizes he cannot go after the Rhino with all the injured passengers who need help. After helping him out the best he can, Doc Samson discovers that the Rhino has left tracks behind and begins following his trail.

Elsewhere in the United States, a pair of fishermen get the shock of their lives when one accidentally snares a sleeping Hulk in his fishing line. After the Hulk frightens them off, the Hulk notices they left their fish behind -- which is just as well because the man-monster is hungry.

Elsewhere, in the abandoned mining town of Mossback Flats, the Rhino gloats over how easily he succeeded on this latest mission, a great rebound after his disastrous battle with the Red Rajah. The Rhino's thoughts of the future are interrupted with the arrival of Doc Samson and soon the two are battling it out again. Initially, the Rhino has the advantage and batters Doc Samson across town. However, Samson notices that mentioning the Hulk agitates the Rhino and makes his fighting sloppier. Samson uses this psychological trick to gain the upper hand. The battle ends abruptly when the Rhino accidentally stumbles into a deep well, trapping him. Although the battle is won, a somber Doc Samson doesn't feel like cheering his victory and silently walks out of town.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Samson mentions how his ego prevented him from curing the Hulk. This is a reference to Incredible Hulk #141 when Samson siphoned the Hulk's energies. Instead of disposing it he used it on himself to transform himself into the man he is now. When he started making time with Betty, Banner got jealous and intentionally turned himself back into the Hulk to fight Samson.
  • The Rhino recounts how he was recently defeated by the Red Rajah (who was Doctor Strange in disguise) as seen in Defenders #4344.
  • The identity of the Rhino's employer is never revealed.

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