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Synopsis for "No Man Is an Island!"

After losing Meriam to the sea the Hulk cries out to the empty desert, asking the eternal question "Why?" This new loss after so recently losing Jarella has left the Hulk emotionally drained and the Hulk begins to wonder if he is not destined to be alone. Soon his fatigue gets the better of him and the Hulk falls asleep right where he is standing. However, his temper tantrum had loosened the stone he is slumped over on and ends up toppling down the mountainside. So utterly tired is the Hulk that this fall doesn't even wake him up and when he finally hits the ground he has reverted back into Bruce Banner. When it begins to rain, Banner wakes up and realizes, to his dismay, that the Hulk has carried him somewhere far away and left him the job of trying to figure out where he is.

Meanwhile, aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, Nick Fury has returned and is impressed with the work that Gaffer, Quartermain and General Ross did in stopping the Bi-Beast in his absence. Although when Fury mentions the Hulk's apparent demise, General Ross isn't so convinced that the Hulk met his end, as the brute has cheated death so many times in the past. Meanwhile, half a world away, Bruce Banner discovers that he is in Europe and needs to find a discreet way to return back to the United States. To this end he manages to get a job as a deck hand on the DMB Rotterdam as a deck hand. Banner discovers to his delight that he enjoy the work on the ship and the peace and quiet that comes with being out at sea.

However, Banner's tranquility is interrupted when the Rotterdam is suddenly attacked by the submarine owned by Captain Barracuda. As the modern day pirates storm the ship, Banner begins to loose control of his temper and transforms into the Hulk once again. The Hulk is easily able to knock the pirates around, however, the battle is quickly ended when one of the cargo hoists breaks and knocks the Hulk into the ocean. With the brute gone, Barracuda and his men search the ship but cannot find what they are looking for and leave the vessel to sink. Meanwhile, the Hulk is washed ashore onto an island some miles away. Exhausted after his ordeal, the Hulk takes another nap. He is soon found by a man claiming to be Robinson Caruso and his dog. This clearly insane man believes that the Hulk is his friend "Friday" and welcomes him with open arms. The Hulk is suspicious at first, but seeing an innocence in this man, the Hulk agrees to accompany him back to camp.

Once they arrive at the camp, "Caruso" shows the Hulk a strange machine he has there. When "Robinson" turns it on, it begins pumping out energy and a dim part of Bruce Banner's mind warns the Hulk that this device is dangerous. With this bit of caution, the Hulk convinces his new friend to shut the device off. Soon their camp is attacked by some strange ape-men, which the Hulk easily dispatches before they can make off with "Robinson's" livestock. No sooner is one threat gone as another is found as Captain Barracuda and his minions have arrived on the island. As it turns out, the device in "Caruso's" possession is the very machine they have been searching for. The infamous pirate then demands the Hulk let them take the device or they will kill his friend.


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk mentions a number of his losses of late, namely the death of Jarella in Incredible Hulk #205 and Meriam last issue (although this issue references Incredible Hulk #216, which was the issue where he battled the Bi-Beast). That narrative later references both the battle with the Bi-Beast which happened in Incredible Hulk #215-216 and the Ringmaster (which is again, incorrectly referenced as Incredible Hulk Vol 1 215 & 216 only). Banner's last memory is being kidnapped by S.H.I.E.L.D., which also happened in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 215 (this was referenced properly).
  • Nick Fury mentions how he was on site helping the recovery of a new Helicarrier out of San Francisco Bay. The vessel was accidentally knocked in there by Hercules in Godzilla #3.
  • Gaffer makes a comment about "flying with Skylar back in the Big One", Gaffer fought during World War II as depicted in Marvel Fanfare #16. An explanation for how he has remained relatively youthful is not explained.

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