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  • Captain Barracuda's Submarine

Synopsis for "Fury at 5000 Fathoms!"

On a remote island, the Hulk is confronted by Captain Barracuda who demands a strange device in the possession of the island's lone resident, a man who believes himself to be Robinson Caruso. When the modern day pirate threatens to kill "Robinson" the Hulk angrily slams his fist into the ground, disorientating the pirates long enough for the brute to pile into them. While they are distracted, Barracuda and his aid Mr. Starkey sneak around to the device and use it to blast the Hulk. The blast is strong enough to cause the Hulk to collapse to the ground. The pirates then take the device, as well as "Caruso" as a prisoner. Taking a liking to the man's dog, Mr. Starkey takes the mutt with them as well.

Meanwhile, back at Gamma Base, Doc Samson returns from his brief sabbatical and is confronted by General Ross right away. Samson mentions his struggles to cure the John Doe on the case of his amnesia and his recent battle with the Rhino. Ross explains that the John Doe is the reason why he was seeking Samson, the mystery man in question has disappeared.

Back on the island, the Hulk wakes up in pain and spots Barracuda and his men returning to their sub and vows to make them pay for hurting him and his friends. When the Hulk catches up with the Captain's submarine it submerges forcing the Hulk to hold his breath and hitch a ride. Soon they arrive in an undersea cavern which hides a massive technologically advanced city. As Barracuda offloads his bounty and prisoners he remarks that it was long abandoned by the man known as Captain Omen. When the Hulk resurfaces, the brute uses uncharacteristic stealth to follow after his foes and learn what they plan on doing to his friend.

Inside one of the buildings, Captain Barracuda reveals to "Robinson" that he is actually a scientist named David Purvis. Barracuda explains that the device was one of Purvis' inventions which was supposed to be used stimulate cell growth with gamma rays. David and his colleagues then went to test out their device on an island. However, the device transformed the other scientists into de-evolved ape men. Purvis was spared of this fate because he was behind a lead shield at the time. Purvis attempted to send out radio calls for help, but sunspot activity affected his transmissions. Unhinged by the entire episode, Purvis then fabricated the Robinson Caruso identity to get over the shock of the experience. Barracuda explains that Mr. Strakey intercepted the transmission and they had been trying to find the source since then. The evil pirate plans to use the device to take over the oceans by turning any opposition into primitive creatures. To start, Barracuda and his men use the device on Purvis transforming him into an ape-man as well.

When the former "Robinson Caruso" is locked in a cell, he is located by the Hulk who knocks out the guard and frees the ape-man. The Hulk's attempts to get "Caruso" to remember who he was fails, the Hulk attacks Barracuda and his men. During the attack, Barracuda pulls out the device again and blasts the Hulk once more. This time, the blast of gamma rays causes the Hulk to revert back into Bruce Banner and pass out. The man-ape that was once David Pruvis then gets the drop on Barracuda and forces him to flee the machine. Setting it on overdrive, the ape-man then pulls Banner and the dog to an escape craft and sends him on his way. With Barracuda's priates all being turned into ape-men, the device eventually overloads and explodes, destroying the undersea base. David's sacrifice is not in vein as Banner and his furry companion make it back to the surface unscathed.


Continuity Notes

  • Although Captain Barracuda seemingly perishes here he turned up alive and well in Fantastic Four #219, although how he managed to survive is not explained.

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