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  • Lady Diane

Synopsis for "Show Me the Way to Go Home"

Bruce Banner wakes up from a nightmare to a dog licking his face. Not sure where the dog came from or where he is, Banner suspects that this is another fine situation that the Hulk has gotten him into. He is then greeted by Walter Newell, who explains that he found Banner's submarine while on an oceanographic research expedition. When Newell asked what happened, Banner explains that the last thing he remembers is the Rotterdam being attacked by Captain Barracuda. When Newell asks for his name, Bruce gives him the false alias of Bruce Roberts. Unconcerned with Banner's loss of memory, for now, Newell figures they can get everything sorted out when they reach port in New York City. However, the idea of facing the harbormaster in New York fills him with dread.

Meanwhile, at Gamma Base, the soldiers are scouring the facility looking for the John Doe who has recently gone missing on base. Although they have done multiple sweeps of the facility, nobody has thought to look in the secured lab because the doors have been locked for days. Inside, the mystery man is still in a trance over a control panel. The man pauses momentarily before pressing a button on the control panel. Elsewhere in the base, General Ross learns that the sweets have yielded nothing. Furious, Ross demands results. Samson thinks his subject might have wandered off like he arrived, but then asks the commanding officer if he checked everywhere. When he learns the secured labs have not, Samson tells Ross to gather his troops and prepare for trouble.

At that moment in New York City, Newell's ship arrives at port. As soon as they arrive, Banner manages to sneak away and escape in a cab. Newell is furious about this when one of his crew finally recognizes the identity of the man they rescued at sea. Showing Newell a photo from a newspaper, Walter is shocked to learn that they had Bruce Banner as a passenger. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner's ride is stressful as the cab driver weaves in an around traffic like a lunatic. When Banner begins to feel a change into the Hulk coming on, he is surprised when he is actually able to suppress it. This fills Banner with joy as he gets out at his apartment building.

When he enters the building he meets April Sommers, the superintendent of the property. However she is frightened of him and instantly runs away. Jim Wilson runs down and tells Bruce that he was forced to tell her that he was really the Hulk after he was swept away by SHIELD earlier. Telling Jim that he finally has control over the Hulk, he tries to talk to April, apologizing for deceiving her and convincing her that everything will be all right. They are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Walter Newell who managed to track Bruce back to his home. Newell tells Banner to come with him but Bruce refuses to do so. When Banner fights back, Newell switches to his Stingray identity. When he tries to subdue Banner with an electric blast, he hits Jim instead. This angers Banner enough that he triggers a transformation into the Hulk.

The Hulk knocks Stingray out into the street where the two battle it out. The Hulk eventually overpowers Stingray and is about to land a killing blow when he is stopped by Jim to tells the Hulk not to do it. Frustrated and angry about being told what to do, the Hulk drops Stingray and leaps off into the distance.


Continuity Notes

  • Banner doesn't remember the dog he is with, but he met the canine as the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #219.

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