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Appearing in "Feeding Billy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Donny
  • Marie


  • Billy (First and only known appearance)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Feeding Billy"

The Hulk has ended up in a conflict with the military in the mountains of New York. As he trounces the soldiers there he is unaware that there are two children watching the scene unfold. When conventional firearms don't work against the Hulk, the commanding officer orders a gas attack. Furious over this new attack, the Hulk attempts to leap out of the gas, but he has already inhaled enough for it to take effect and the Hulk ends up crashing nearby. The children get to the Hulk first and figure that the green-skinned brute will be just perfect for their brother Billy. No sooner is Billy mentioned that he appears to help the children. When the soldiers arrive on the scene the Hulk is long gone. Searching the area they are disturbed to see that something has dragged the Hulk away, something inhuman.

In a cave somewhere not far away, Bruce Banner awakens to find the two children watching over him. They introduce themselves as Donny and Marie and that they live in the cave with their brother Billy. When Banner asks who Billy is, he spies some strange humanoid creature in the shadows but it disappears soon. Bruce is even more alarmed when he sees a massive cauldron with human bones scattered about it. Realizing that Billy eats people, he demands to know where the children and Billy came from.

Donny and Marie explain how they used to live in a nice family home with their parents. Things were fine until the day their baby brother Billy drank some strange chemical that was dumped in the park. The infant was immediately taken away and the military sent a hazmat team to clean up the waste. The military explained to Billy's father that the toxic chemicals affected the boy. They were horrified by what returned home to them. Soon, animals around the area were found mutilated and the parents soon discovered that Billy was responsible. When they were pressed over what to do, Billy solved that problem by killing them. The next day, Billy convinced Donny and Marie that they should leave, which led them to the cave that they live in now.

Realizing the danger that he is in, Banner tries to find a way out when he is suddenly cornered by Billy. His pulse racing, Banner transforms into the Hulk and clashes with Billy, who is an even more massive creature than the Hulk. Regardless of this, Hulk manages to hold his own until part of the cave collapses on both creatures. However, only the Hulk emerges from the rubble alive. The Hulk then leaves the two children behind to figure out what they should do next.

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