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Appearing in "The Curing of Dr. Banner!"

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  • Doc Samson's electro-key


Synopsis for "The Curing of Dr. Banner!"

The Hulk is bounding through Texas where he interrupts a romantic picnic between a couple named Larry and Alice by landing flat on his face. When the Hulk gets up, Larry tries to smash a massive tree branch on the brute but this does nothing. Suddenly, the Hulk starts slowly reverting back into Bruce Banner. When the transformation is finally complete, Banner realizes that the gamma rays in his body must have worn off and he is now cured. Happy as can be he makes the ill-advised decision to kiss Alice on the cheek. Jealous, Larry punches Banner, which comes as a shock to Bruce. Even though he has been harmed and was momentary angry, he didn't transform into the Hulk, confirming his theory that he is cured.

Meanwhile, at Gamma Base, Doc Samson leads General Ross and some soldiers to the locked door to the secured lab where they believe the mysterious John Doe has holed up since he went missing. Activating the lock, Samson walks in and is shocked by what he sees inside, but he is blasted back outside. The soldiers open fire into the room and then rush in despite the protests by Samson. No sooner have the soldiers have entered the lab does a blast door close down and some unseen force shocks them all into an inert state. Samson rips the door off the hinges and he and General Ross enter to find that the Leader is back, and that he intends to take over Gamma Base, then the world.

Back in Texas, Larry and Alice drive Bruce to a nearby airfield where Banner hopes to get a lift back to Gamma Base. After the couple departs, Banner finds a pilot and he is surprised that it is none other than Spad McCracken. McCracken recognizes Banner and fearing the Hulk he tries to flee. Banner, cannot convince McCracken that he is cured so he is forced to tackle him. Spad is still not willing to help Banner out, as the last time he did it cost him a plane. However, the wily pilot changes his mind when Banner tells him that there is money involved. While in New York City, the landlord that owns the Rooms to Let apartment building is unhappy about the damage caused by the Hulk's recent battle there. He demands that the superintendent, April Somers, pay out the money. She cannot afford it, and when Jim offers to pay for the damages he realizes that he doesn't have enough to cover the damages either. However, salvation comes in the shape of Kropotkin the Great, who has just returned home after winning it big at gambling and pays off the landlord for the damages and sends him on his way. After explaining his newfound winnings, Kropotkin also is forced to pay for the back rent he owes. This doesn't do much to phase the portly magician who has hatched a new scheme and asks Jim Wilson to assist him with his plans. With nothing else to do and nowhere to go, Jim agrees to accompany him.

Meanwhile, Spad McCracken has flown Bruce to New Mexico where they are now approaching the airspace near Gamma Base. When the military calls in to demand why they are violating the no-fly zone in the area, Bruce takes the radio and announces himself. Much to their surprise, they are allowed to land and only a single captain is sent out to greet them on the landing strip. The captain takes the pair to the lab and on the way they can't help but notice that everyone appears to be in a zombie-like trance. Once the enter the darkened laboratory, the are suddenly blinded by lights. Once their eyes have adjusted they discover that the Leader has Doc Samson and General Ross as his prisoners, the first part of his plan to take over the entire world.


Continuity Notes[]

  • Banner last hired Spad McCracken in Incredible Hulk #160, that flight was ended when Banner turned into the Hulk midair, wrecking Spad's airplane, hence why McCracken is less than happy to see Banner here.
  • Banner had been renting an apartment in New York since Incredible Hulk Vol 1 208; the Hulk wrecked the front door back in Incredible Hulk #221.

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