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Quote1.png Stop, Hulk! You shall threaten these innocents no longer! Such is the power of... the Moonstone! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Moonstone Is a Harsh Mistress!"

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  • Army tank

Synopsis for "The Moonstone Is a Harsh Mistress!"

The Hulk stands in the gaping hole of a smashed wall several stories off the ground at Gamma Base. In his arms is the limp form of Doctor Karla Sofen. Only moments ago, Sofen had provoked the Hulk in her costumed alter ego of Moonstone. On the ground, Doc Samson, Jim Wilson and a phalanx of military personnel look on in horror as the Hulk bellows to the air. Samson convinces the Hulk not to hurt Dr. Sofen and he leaps to the ground and hands her over.

Karla revives and continues to play the role of an innocent victim. While everyone's back is turned, she sends a beam of coherent light towards a gas main causing an explosion. The Hulk incorrectly believes that the explosion is part of a staged attempt to capture him, and launches himself at Doc Samson with all his fury.

Karla ducks around a corner where she secretly summons the Moonstone armor. Flying back into the thick of the fray, she blasts away at the Hulk while simultaneously projecting the demeanor of a super-hero. The Hulk begins swinging at her, but Moonstone is faster than he, and deftly evades his blows.

Samson runs up behind the Hulk and locks him in a full nelson. The Hulk effortlessly shrugs Samson off of him, and Moonstone takes advantage of the opportunity to fly to a safe distance.

Moonstone recalls the events that led to newfound powers. As Karla Sofen, she once trained under the world-renowned psychiatrist Doctor Faustus. She was present when Captain America stopped Faustus' plan to bankrupt Manhattan Island. She later used her credentials to visit the imprisoned Byron Becton – the original Moonstone. She tricked him into relinquishing the moonstone gemstone to her, and from it, she was able to harness the costume and powers of the Moonstone.

Moonstone returns to the fight just in time to see the Hulk hurl an army tank into Doc Samson. She swoops down and unleashes a volley of light bursts at the Hulk. The Hulk responds with a sonic clap that stuns Moonstone, reverting her into her Karla Sofen identity in front of the Hulk and General Ross. She turns towards Ross and uses the hypnotic voice skills she learned from Doctor Faustus to give the man a nervous breakdown. Ross slumps to the ground unconscious.

Doc Samson runs up just as the Hulk grabs a hold of Sofen. The Hulk backhands him, announcing that he is sick of everybody and their lies. He leaves Sofen in Samson's care and leaps away from Gamma Base. Samson declares the Hulk to be a "monster" and voices his willingness to help capture the green giant in the future.


Continuity Notes

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • Preliminary cover art by Cockrum.[1]
  • This issue contains a letters page, Greenskin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Commander Quotey and his Lost Marvel Madmen, Matt Kaufman, Bob Lackey, and B. Wayne Barrows.


  • The tagline for this issue is "The Hulk Strikes Back!"

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