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Quote1.png That's it -- run! Run from the Hulk -- now that you've smashed all of Hulk's corn. Quote2.png
The Hulk

Appearing in "The Harvester from Beyond!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Burt
  • Lumpy
  • Sheriff
  • Zed

Races and Species:



  • S'mggani ship

Synopsis for "The Harvester from Beyond!"

Somewhere in the American Midwest, the Hulk finds a cornfield and sits down and begins eating. A farmer named Lumpy finds him and immediately telephones the town sheriff. He recommends contacting the army, but the sheriff scoffs, citing that the townsfolk can take care of this matter on their own. Armed with nothing more than some shotguns and an old fishing net, the townsfolk try to bring the Hulk down. This only serves to anger the Hulk who wanted nothing more than to sit and eat his corn in peace. The Hulk plows through the farmers, upturning their trucks and tractors.

From just outside Earth's orbit, an alien scientist monitors the incident and believes that the Hulk may hold the key to saving his starving people. He uses a transmitter beam and teleports the Hulk onto his ship. The Hulk attacks him, but the alien is able to adjust his molecular density so that the green goliath's blows pass harmlessly through him. He then zaps the Hulk with a stun-ray that renders him unconscious.

Meanwhile, back at Gamma Base, Doc Samson keeps vigil over the bedridden General Ross. Clay Quartermain, Jim Wilson and Doctor Karla Sofen all visit and assure Samson that Ross is going to be all right. None of them realize that Sofen is secretly responsible for the General's nervous breakdown.

Back on the alien ship, the Hulk reverts back to the form of Doctor Bruce Banner. The alien scientist is confused by undeterred in his plan to examine him. Unfortunately, such a study requires dissection. While the alien prepares to cut into Banner, he transforms back into the Hulk and punches the alien in the face. He then charges towards him, but the alien uses the Hulk's momentum to hurl him into the teleporter ray's force field. The shock incapacitates the Hulk long enough for the alien to acquire some soil samples from beneath the Hulk's fingernails. The Hulk awakens and smashes a hole into the side of the ship. He leaps out and falls back down towards Earth. The alien studies the soil samples he collected and realizes that he can synthesize them to produce fertile, crop-producing soil for his people back on his homeworld. Content with his findings, the alien pilots his ship away from Earth.


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