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The Incredible Hulk

Appearing in "Prelude!"

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Synopsis for "Prelude!"

In the early hours in the morning the Hulk wanders into the town of Gilbert, California. He passes a by a local bar, patron Fred Sloan is tossed out by the bar's owner. Confusing the bartender with a soldier, the Hulk attacks the man. Sloan goes back into the bar and tells people to stop messing with him or his friend will deal with them. The sight of the Hulk sends all the patrons of the bar fleeing into the night. When the Hulk tries to wander off, Fred convinces the Hulk that they are friends and offers to let the brute stay the night at his house.

The following day at Gamma Base, the staff greets the arrivals of Senator Eugene Stivak and Senator Andrew Hawk. Hawk is unimpressed with the way that Doc Samson has been running Gamma Base since General Ross had his nervous breakdown. Although Hawk has taken a hard line on shaking things up, Stivak seems more agreeable and willing to work with Samson. During a meeting with Samson, SHIELD officer Clay Quartermain, and Karla Sofen, they discuss the future of Gamma Base. Samson admits that he hasn't done well running the facility so far, but states that he never wanted the job to begin with. During the discussion, Stivak uses key phrases that tip Sofen off that he is a member of the Corporation, the same organization that she works for. She wonders what is going on and what to do.

Meanwhile, it's daytime in California and the Hulk has woken up in the home of Fred Sloan. He is drawn into the kitchen by smell of cooking. There he puts a fright into Fred's girlfriend, her shrieks wake Fred up. Sloan tries to convince her that the Hulk is safe but the woman flees. Soon the authorities are on their way and when Fred hears their sirens wailing, he convinces the Hulk to load up into his van and they flee the scene.

The Hulk's activities soon reach Gamma Base and Jim Wilson inerrupts the the meetings with the Senators to pass it along. While Hawk is unimpressed that a young boy is on the site of the base, they explain that he is a friend of the Hulk and can help them try and contain the monster. Stivak then suggests that he, Sofen and Jim Wilson venture out to California to try and contain the Hulk. Jim is concerned about this idea as he had recently fled California. His fears are confirmed aboard Stivak's jet when he reveals his affiliation with the Corporation, the very people Jim had fled from. When Jim tries to do something he is gassed.

While in California, Fred and the Hulk come upon a police blockaide. Fred tries to convince the Hulk to keep cool and disguises him. However, this fails when an officer tries to search the car. The Hulk loses his cool and trashes the cordon, sending the police fleeing. The Hulk gets back into the car, and they continue onward, fugitives of the law.

This story is continued in Captain America #230...


Continuity Notes

  • Mention is made of the nervous breakdown of General Ross and his outbursts in the press which happened in Incredible Hulk #228229.

Publication Notes

  • This issue features a letters page Greenskin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from "Stix" Munson, Kurt Busiek, Robert Bruce Braley, and Jon Green.

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