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  • Bug Ship

Synopsis for "All That Glitters"

The Hulk is sleeping atop Mount Rushmore, but his peaceful slumber has not gone unnoticed. The Park Rangers have called Gamma Base and Clay Quartermaine has brought a Hulkbuster squad to confront the brute. Monitoring from Gamma Base are Senator Andrew Hawk, Dr. Maxwell, Diane Perrywinkle, and Captain Bowman. Maxwell comments about how they could use Doc Samson's expertise on this mission and that it's too bad that he quit Gamma Base. Hawk points out that Samson left willingly.

As the Hulk continues to sleep, some soldiers are sent up the side of the national monument unaware that the villain Goldbug is approaching to take the Hulk for his masters, They Who Wield Power. He fires a laser that awakens the Hulk just in time to see the arriving soldiers. Thinking the soldiers had attacked him, the Hulk attacks. When he disables their gas guns, the two soldiers surrender. Just then, Goldbug shows up and offers to help the Hulk escape. To convince the gamma-spawned monster that they are allies, Goldbug seals the two soldiers in gold and then pulls the Hulk aboard his ship. Offering the Hulk a means to escape, Goldbug convinces the brute to grips two cables that channels the Hulk's strength into the ship's power supply. With a sufficient power boost, Goldbug's ship is able to speed away from the arriving Hulkbuster jet. However, this also incapacitates the Hulk and makes him incapable of moving.

Soon, Goldbug takes them to El Dorado, the headquarters of They Who Wield Power. Detecting Goldbug's arrival, They decide that Goldbug's usefulness has worn itself out. They activate a device that allows the Hulk to break free. Furious at being used again, the Hulk goes on a rampage aboard the ship. The Hulk demolishes the ship, and the pair land on the ground. The Hulk is about to pummel by Goldbug but he is stopped by a man named Tulak who welcomes the Hulk to El Dorado and bows before him, calling the Hulk their savior. Tulak explains that his masters They Who Wield Power claim that the Hulk will save their people. This comes as a shock to Goldbug. The Hulk, meanwhile, thinks is certain that this was a trap but decides to go along with Tulak and see what happens.


Continuity Notes

  • One character mentions Doc Samson's recent departure from Gamma Base. Samson left Gamma Base last issue to help cure General Ross of the mental breakdown he suffered in Incredible Hulk #229.

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