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Synopsis for "And Now El Dorado"

Lured to the fabled city of El Dorado by Goldbug for They Who Wield Power, the man named Tulak welcomes the Hulk, calling their savior. The Hulk is convinced that he is walking into a trap, but decides to bide his time and see when it happens. However, when they arrive in the city proper, the Hulk is taken aback when the people of El Dorado celebrate his arrival. When they get too close to him, the Hulk panics and begins to lash out. Tulak tells the people to give their savior his space. Goldbug is then taken away while Tulak brings the Hulk to a feast while he waits for They Who Wield Power.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away at Gamma Base in New Mexico, Clay Quartermain learns that there have been no sightings of the Hulk since he escaped with Goldbug. He is surprised when a fighter plane carrying Betty Ross lands on base. He is happy to see her, but soon learns about her recent divorce from Glenn Talbot. Betty explains that she has returned to Gamma Base after hearing about her father's mental breakdown. That's when Senator Hawk tells her that how Doc Samson recently left base with her father to treat him. Betty also learns that Fred Sloan has been calling for her recently. In San Francisco, Fred Sloan and Trish Starr are working on a book about the Hulk. The two are reaching out to associates and friends of the Hulk so that they can get their unique perspective on the Hulk.

Back in El Dorado, the Hulk feasts on food, although Tulak is confident the Hulk will be the savior of his people, but the other citizens of this hidden city are grim that the one to save them is a monster like the Hulk. The Hulk is still suspicious that he is being set up for a trap. Soon, They Who Wield Power arrive and reveal themselves to the Hulk: They are Prince Rey and his Keeper of the Flame as well as an elderly man named Dez. When Lann, the Keeper of Flame, insult the Hulk, Dez manages to calm the Hulk down. The Hulk demands answers and Dez shows him a special globe that reveals that the military has been holding the body of Jarella since her death. This causes the Hulk to lash out and go on a rampage, however, the brute is emotionally exhausted and eventually reverts back into Bruce Banner.

Banner is shown every amenity and the following day, Bruce is asked to see They at the Temple of the Flame. There, Dez explains the origins of the people of El Dorado, how they fled to this region centuries to escape the Spanish conquistadores. They discovered the ancient Cobalt Flame which led to wars over its power. After interference from the Avengers, Prince Rey and Lann discovered Dez in the tunnels beneath El Dorado who convinced them of a way to revitalize the now waning flame. When Banner offers his scientific expertise, Dez explains that the only thing they need is the Hulk's raw power and uses a device to bind Banner.


Continuty Notes

  • Fred Sloan mentions that the Richmond Riding Academy recently had its telephone disconnected. The Richmond Riding Academy became the headquarters of the Defenders back in Defenders #17. It burned down in Defenders #75.
  • Dez mentions the Avengers time in El Dorado, that happened in Avengers #3031.

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