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Synopsis for "Sic Semper Tyrannus!"

Tyrannus has harnessed the power of the Hulk to revitalize the Cobalt Flame of El Dorado in his bid to conquer the entire world. As the flames rage out of control, only the Hulk stands in his way. Hulk smashes against the remains of the Temple of the Flame, revealing the ancient machinery. As the Hulk tries to destroy the device, Tyrannus laughs because this is ancient Deviant machinery. He also gloats how easily he defeated Goldbug for trying to betray him. The Hulk tries to leap on top of the tower, but Tyranus erects an energy barrier to try and block the Hulk. However, the Hulk is plenty mad enough to force his way through to his foe. Tyrannus unleashes more Deviant weapons, ultimately incapacitating the Hulk with a Brain Mine.

Tyrannus gloats his victories and then offers the people of El Dorado an opportunity to bow to him and be his subjects. However, speaking for his people Tulak refuses to bend knee to the tyrant. Tyrannus isn't moved by this in the slightest and commands the flame to summon armor for himself. Then through willpower he has the flame transform into a massive metal arm. The arm reaches down and grabs Tulak and drains the life out of him. Tulak's final words to his people is that they flee into the underground caverns and escape. When Tulak crumbles to dust, the people of El Dorado flee as they are instructed.

While Tyrannus is distracted, Goldbug frees himself from the net he has been trapped in. Seeking to free the Hulk in order to save himself, Goldbug uses a vial of Aqua Regia on the Brain Mind, succeeding in removing it. The Hulk snaps back and more furious than ever before, the man-monster rushes at Tyrannus. Tyrannus unleashes the metal arm on the Hulk, but the monster breaks free from its grip and then smashes it to pieces. The destruction is transferred to Tyrannus as pain. Tyrannus decides to stop fooling with his foes and merges himself with the Cobalt Flame. This doesn't even phase the Hulk as he begins to rip apart the the tower that contains the flame.


Continuity Notes

  • Tyrannus mentions how the Deviants created the technology at El Derado. The narrative references Eternals #1-19 and Thor #283-301.

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