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Synopsis for "The Changelings!"

The Hulk has ventured out to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains to help his old friend Rick Jones, who was attacked by the mysterious Changelings. He arrives too late, finding that not only Rick has been kidnapped but also Betty, Fred Sloan, and General Ross. The only one left behind is a seriously beaten Doc Samson and the constant broadcast from Teen Brigade member Chuck Chandler. Samson begs the Hulk that they must reason with the beings who kidnapped his friends, but the Hulk is already furious enough. He smashes the transmitter that Chandler is broadcasting to and decides to go search for his friends without Samson. Before leaving the Hulk mocks Samson for always using his head instead of his heart when making decisions. Still too weak from his fight with the Changelings, Doc Samson passes out as the Hulk follows the trail leading to his friends.

Meanwhile, Rick, Fred, Betty and General Ross are taken to the Changeling camp. There the leader of the Changelings, Woodgod, tells them that those who kill a Changeling will be put to death in accordance to their laws. Although the humans plead that Centauron was shot by accident, as General Ross had suffered a mental break down earlier and didn't know what he was shooting at in the woods while on a hunting expedition. As it turns out, the Changelings were out in the wilderness searching for Viperus a member of their group who had fled their community to join a circus freak show. Woodgod suspects that the trecherous Leonius was responsible for this mishap. As leader of the Changelings, Woodgood decides that, if he can heal Centauron he will spare the human's lives.

Let free of their cages, Rick Jones asks who the Changelings are and where they come from. Woodgod explains how he was created by David and Ellen Pace at Tranquility Base. When the locals of nearby Liberty feared that new bioweapons were being created, they accidentally unleashed a toxic gas that killed everyone on the site except for Woodgod. After the creature got revenge against Colonel Tel Tremens with the aid of Spider-Man and the Hulk, he retreated into the woods with his parents notes. Using his enhanced intelligence, Woodgod created the Changelings using the techniques invented by his parents so that he would not be alone. He and his Changelings then retreated into the mountains where they could live outside of the humanity that would surely fear them. With the explanations out of the way, Woodgod begins to surgery to remove the bullet from Centauron's shoulder.

Not far away, the Hulk continues to follow the path made by the Changeling's wagons. As he crosses a bridge he is attacked by the aquatic Changeling known as Neptunus. Although aquatic Changeling gets the element of surprise by pulling the Hulk into the river, the gamma-spawned monster blows all of the water out of the river, leaving Neptunus with no means of mobility. Undaunted in his quest, the Hulk continues onward to find his friends. He soon arrives at the Changeling camp where his arrival is instantly noticed. Soon the Hulk is locked in a battle with Centaurio and Minotaurus. As the battle rages the flying Changeling known as Siren comes out with a healing portion for Centauron and is briefly distracted by Leonius, who uses the opportunity to slip poison into the healing potion in order to force Woodgod's hand on the matter of killing the humans in the hopes of usurping leadership of the Changelings from him. Unaware of this, Siren takes the potion to Woodgod who then feeds it to Centauron.

Outside, the Hulk manages to fight off the two Changelings that are attacking him. They are soon joined by Siren who gets the advantage on the Hulk because she can fly. Hearing the battle outside, Fred rushes out to tell the Hulk not to attack. General Ross also wakes up and begins cussing out the Hulk. Thaddeus' near-insane ramblings distract the Hulk long enough for Minotaurus to renew his attack. With everything he can do for Centauron done, Woodgod also enters the fray, joining Menotaurus and Centaurio in their battle with the Hulk. Ultimately the battle ends as the Hulk realises his friends don't want his help. Fed up of being told what to do, the Hulk knocks off his attackers and walks away.

In the aftermath of the battle, Betty checks on Centauron and discovers that he is dead. Now the Changelings are contemplating if they should follow through on their laws about killing those who murder their kind. Woodgod has a change of heart, as his laws were written when he was embittered over the death of his parents. Suddenly, Leonius with a group of Changelings of his own creation, enter the room. The defiant Changeling demands that Woodgod follow through on their laws or surrender leadership of the Changelings to him. Rick Jones quickly begins to regret driving the Hulk away as they could use his strength now.


Continuity Notes

  • In this story, it is stated that Teen Brigade uses Ham Radios as a means of communication. The technology used by Teen Brigade should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. For example while Avengers #1 showed Teen Brigade using Ham Radios, when that story was retold in Avengers: The Origin Vol 1, they used the internet as their primary means of communication. The technology used here should be a matter of the readers interpretation.

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