Quote1 All puny humans are Hulk's enemies, and Hulk will smash them all! Quote2
-- The Hulk

Appearing in "The Changelings (Part II of II)"

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  • Trident of Neptunus


Synopsis for "The Changelings (Part II of II)"

A great rift divides the Changelings and two groups stand ready to face one another. The faction loyal to Leoninus blames the human intruders for the death of Centauron. Several others, including Siren and Minotaurus continue to follow Woodgod.

The Hulk meanwhile comes upon the dried out body of the Changeling, Neptunus, and helps to replenish him by diverting water into the dried riverbed. Moments later, the Hulk encounters Doc Samson in the middle of the forest. Samson is angry, and baits the Hulk into a fight. The two begin trading blows, causing all wildlife in the immediate vicinity to scatter.

In the Valley, the feud between the Changeling factions reaches a fever pitch, and Leoninus' followers attack Woodgod. Siren flies off and returns to her cottage, where she discovers that it was actually Leoninus who killed Centauron by poisoning his medicine.

Flying back to the scene of battle, she witnesses the Hulk's battle with Samson. She lands between the two and convinces them to stop fighting one another. The Hulk and Samson follow Siren back to the others. When Siren informs the Changelings of Leoninus' duplicity, several of his followers turn against him. Elephantine however, remains loyal to Leoninus and fights with the Hulk. Doc Samson battle against Pantherus while Rick and Fred double-team Viperus. Ultimately, those loyal to Woodgod prove triumphant and the fight concludes.

When everything settles down, Betty, Rick and Samson apologize to the Hulk for misjudging him. Ross however, reminds everyone that the Hulk is an irredeemable monster. Frustrated with all of them, the Hulk leaps away.

While the others prepare to leave, Fred Sloan elects to stay behind to serve as a liaison between the Changelings and Humanity.

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