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Quote1.png She wished to subdue you without harming you! But now, you must answer to Ursa Major and The Crimson Dynamo! Quote2.png
Ursa Major

Appearing in "...To Hunt the Hulk!"

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Synopsis for "...To Hunt the Hulk!"

Seeking to destroy the Hulk, Glenn Talbot has been tracking the creature's gamma radiation trail aboard the massive War Wagon vehicle and is heading east. At Gamma Base, Congresswoman Ruth Messinger tries to order Talbot back to the now decommissioned Gamma Base, but he refuses to give up his obsessive hunt for the Hulk. Shutting off his radio, he learns from the War Wagon's computers that the Hulk's gamma signature is nearby.

Meanwhile, the Hulk lands in the bombed out ruins of a town in the nation of Afghanistan. He crosses paths with a shellshocked local who stumbles by without even reacting. Suddenly, the Hulk is attacked by Russian soldiers. He easily fights off these troops but is then attacked by Russian fighter planes. Leaping up to meet the threat at its own level, the Hulk damages one of the craft, but he ends up getting caught up in its electrical current. With the Hulk incapacitated, the pilot directs the plane towards Russian airspace and ejects, leaving the Hulk on a trajectory to the radioactive wasteland called the Forbidden Zone. As the Hulk crosses over into this deadly place, Talbot loses his signature making him furious.

At the headquarters of Russian intelligence, Yuri Brevlov calls a meeting with the newly formed Soviet Super-Soldiers. In comes the Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, and Vanguard. Brevlov then introduces them to their newest teammate, Ursa Major. After Ursa shows off his ability to transform into a man-bear, Brevlov goes into their mission. He tells them of the radioactive being known as the Presence who lives in the Forbidden Zone and how the level of radiation in that region is expanding. The Super-Soldiers are ordered to stop the Presence and his lover, the Red Guardian, before the increased radiation spreads across the Earth and turns it into a wasteland. Accepting their mission, Darkstar then uses her Darkforce powers to teleport them away. Meanwhile, the fighter carrying the Hulk crashes in the Forbidden Zone. As he wanders around the ruins of this area he remembers it from the last time he was there from the Defenders. As the Hulk proceeds, he is unaware that someone watches him from the shadows.

Soon the Hulk comes upon the Presence and Red Guardian who are locked in a cosmic corona, oblivious to everything around them. Just then, the Soviet Super-Soldiers teleport into the room and the Crimson Dynamo instantly attacks the gamma-spawned man-monster. While the others fend off the attack, Vanguard ventures off when he spots the man mysteriously watching them. When the Russian hero tries to attack the mystery man, he is able to fend off Vanguard's mutant powers. When Vanguard gets a better look at the man he has been pursuing he happily recognizes him. In the other room, Darkstar tries to talk the Hulk into standing down, but he is still angered by the unprovoked attack. He breaks free of her Darkforce restraint, knocking her out and then turns to face his other two attackers.

Back in the Untied States, Rick Jones has come to Avengers Mansion to get the aid of the Avengers to find the Hulk. He meets with Captain America who tells Rick that the Hulk has been spotted in Russia and that a recent international incident makes it hard for the Avengers to consider entering that country again. However, Cap tells his former sidekick that should the Hulk return to the Untied States they will assist in finding him. While in Russia, the Hulk continues his battle with the Crimson Dynamo and Ursa Major. The Hulk knocks out the Dynamo and locks in battle against Ursa. The two powerhouses cause enough racket to make the Presence become aware of their situation. He uses his powers to force the Hulk and Major back to their human forms. Ursa realizes that this battle has interrupted the Super-Soldiers' mission, leaving them powerless to stop the Presence.


Continuity Notes

  • The events of this story are portrayed as occurring during the Soviet-Afghan War which lasted from 1979-1989. This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Any instances where Russia is referred to as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Russian intelligence agency here being referred to as the KGB, or other Cold War references should be as well.
  • Brevlov mentions the last time the Soviet Super-Soldiers worked together, this was in Iron Man #109.
  • The battle between the Defenders and the Presence that the Russians covered up happened in Defenders #55. He was joined by Red Guardian in Defenders #65.
  • Darkstar mentions when she first met the Hulk, this happened in Champions #16.
  • Captain America mentions how the Avengers had recently got into trouble for going into Russia without authorization. This happened in Avengers #188.


This issue contains a Hostess Twinkies Cakes advertisement, Spider-Man in "The Rescue!"

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