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  • Night Flyers Hang-Glider

Synopsis for "He Flies By Night!"

The Corruptor has resurrected the super-villain known as the Night Flyer in order to track down the Hulk following the man-monster being sighted in Los Angeles. However, the search has yielded no leads. Night Fight reports back to his master, who demands that he continue his search or return to the death that the Corruptor saved him from. The Hulk is actually right under the Night Flyer's nose, hiding out in a nearby cave with his allies Rick Jones and Betty Ross. Talking with his friends, the Hulk explains that all he wants is peace. Rick tells the Hulk that's exactly what he wants to help the Hulk do too. When he recounts how Bruce Banner saved his life years earlier in the gamma explosion that turned Bruce into the Hulk, they explain to the Hulk that he and Bruce Banner are the same person. This revelation puts the Hulk into a rage as he refuses to believe not only that he is a "puny human" but also that he is the one he most hates. Betty then talks to Hulk and says to him that, while Hulk and Banner share the body, he is the both Hulk and Bruce Banner. Rick actually manages to calm the Hulk down by explaining that he wants both the Hulk and Bruce Banner to live in peace separate from one another. But the Hulk still is conflicted in his mind over this revelation and he eventually reverts back into Bruce Banner. As Betty tends to Bruce, Rick decides to use his wrist communicator to get help from his new iteration of the Teen Brigade.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., General Ross finally gets his meeting with the President of the United States to discuss the government's current initiatives to deal with the Hulk. Ross is interested in coming out of retirement to hunt the Hulk again, particularly after the death of Glenn Talbot. The Preident informs Ross that while he will not reinstate Gamma Base, he is assigning Thaddeus to the Pentagon to act as an advisor on the Hulk.

Back in California, Rick, Betty and Bruce are found by four new recruits in the Teen Brigade: Specs (who wears glasses), Candy (a female sweet enthusiast), Wheels (an African-American skateboarding expert), and Rider (a female cyclist). After they load up in Spec's van, they drive off and introductions are made all around. While they move across the open desert highway, Rick passes out wrist communicators to his young charges. High above, their vehicle is spotted by the Night Flyer incapacitates their van. With no cover by a nearby church, Rick orders everyone to split up while Bruce and Betty seek refuge inside the holy place. Unsure who the Hulk is in human form from the height of his hang-glider, the Night Flier ends up being distracted by the Teen Brigade. It's only when he threatens the life of Wheels, that he learns where Banner has really gone hiding. The Night Flyer then confronts Rick, Betty, and Bruce as they unsuccessfully try to force their way into the church.

This confrontation triggers a transformation into the Hulk, who then begins to clash with the Night Flyer. As the two battle it out, the Corruptor watches from the shadows waiting for the right time to strike. Seeing that the Hulk is in trouble, thanks to the Night Flyer's technological weapons, Betty tries to rush to his aid. However, this only succeeds in getting Betty injured by one of the Night Flyer's weapons. This puts the Hulk into a fury and hs crushes the Night Flyer's high tech hang-glider. This causes enough electrical feedback that it incinerates the Night Flier. As the Hulk rages, Rick tries to contact the Avengers on his wrist communicator, but something is jamming the signal. It's then, the Corruptor makes his presence known and after explaining his plan to ratchet up the Hulk's rage in order to enslave him with a touch, he succeeds in putting the brute under his control. The Hulk under his control, the Corruptor then tells Rick that he will force him to contact the Avengers so he might also put those heroes under his control.


Continuity Notes

  • The Corruptor explains that he resurrected the Night Flyer following his death in Captain America #214. How he managed to do this is not explained.
  • The President of the United States is depicted as Ronald Reagan. This story also states that he is "taking it easy after the assassination attempt" -- this is a reference on the failed assassination plot on Reagan that culminated on March 30, 1981. Both of the appearance of Reagan and the reference to the assassination attempt should be considered topical references per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
  • Mention is made of the fact that Glenn Talbot was killed battling the Hulk. This happened in Incredible Hulk #260.
  • Rick refers to the Teen Brigade as "Teen Brigade 1981", refering to what year it is. This should be considered a topical reference as this story takes place in the Modern Age and all stories during this period should not be ascribed to a specific date.
  • Rick hands out wrist radios to the members of Teen Brigade, the communications technology used by Teen Brigade should also be considered a topical reference as it is always updated with the times. For example in Avengers #1 they are depicted using ham radios, while the retelling of that story in Avengers: The Origin Vol 1 shows Teen Brigade using the internet.

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