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  • Sagittarian warp-class space cruiser

Synopsis for "The Hulk Hunters!"

The alien known as Bereet shows off her latest techno-art film based on the Hulk to her fellow Krylorians. While this is met with rave reviews, Bereet has already grown bored of these films and returns to her home. There she laments over her financial need to make such films while her creative drives dictate that she create different art forms more befitting her tastes. However, she still needs to earn a living, and so she decides to venture to Earth and directly record a documentary based on the real life Hulk. Pulling her Banshee Mask from her Spatial Distorter and uses it to leave Krylor and head toward Earth.

On that very world, Bruce Banner spends the evening looking up at the stars outside of his secret lab in New Mexico. He is joined by Betty Ross and Bruce begins to talk about the horrors the transformations into the Hulk has caused. When she suggests that he talk about how beautiful the evening is, Banner points out that he cannot focus on such things as long as the Hulk is a threat. When this causes Betty to come to tears, Bruce swears to her that he will find a way to destroy the Hulk so they can have a life together. Overhearing this is Rick Jones who still doesn't like the idea that they are making this decision without giving the Hulk a say. Rick still thinks that a Hulk that is controlled by Bruce Banner's mind is the most benefit to the world, thinking about all the good he could do. Walking down to Bruce's lab, Rick stops at the Gamma Ray Projector and considers that even if Bruce Banner has no need for the Hulk, the world still might.

At that moment an alien ship approaches the planet Earth, on board is a delegation from the planet Sagittarius, including their ruler Queen Daydra. She has come seeking the Hulk and has dispatched her Hulk-Hunters down to the planet to collect him. The ships arrive over Bruce's secret lab, interrupting Bruce and Betty's romantic moment alone. Hearing the noise, Rick Jones checks in on the situation just as the Hulk-Hunters teleport outside of their ships. The Hunters consist of the Mekkan known as Torgo, the demonic Dark-Crawler, and the alien Amphibian. When they demand that they seek out the Hulk, Betty protests this while Rick says that the Hulk should give thme just what they want. Banner meanwhile enters a state that triggers his transformation into the Hulk. The Hulk attacks the Hulk-Hunters, ignoring their explanations that they need the Hulk's help.

Still having a grudge against the Hulk, the Amphibian attacks first and is easily tossed aside. The Dark-Drawler tries to use his mystical scepter against him, but is also disarmed. Torgo leaps in next and the pair begin to struggle. Seeing that the Hulk needs help, Rick rushes down into the lab below with Betty in tow. He explains that he is going to expose himself to a heavy dose of gamma rays to try and turn himself into another Hulk. When Betty protests, Rick locks her out of the lab and stands before the Gamma Ray Projector, stepping on the activation switch and bracing himself for the painful bombardment. While on the surface, the Hulk continues his battle against the Hulk-Hunters when the fight is suddenly interrupted by Empress Daydra who explains that she has come to enlist his aid against the Galaxy Master who has returned from his seeming destruction. She explains that the creature has been destroying worlds across the galaxy with the help of his dark emessary and they need the Hulk's strength to stop him. The hulk agrees to help and they soon are teleported aboard Daydra's ship and they soon take to space.

Unaware that the Hulk and his fellow combatants have left the planet, Rick steps on the control button of the Gamma Ray Projector. As Betty watches helplessly from behind a locked door, Rick is bombarded with Gamma Rays he lets out a blood curdling scream.


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