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Appearing in "The Goliath, the Gargoyle and the Galaxy Master!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Hoora (First and only known appearance)
  • Watcher (Only in flashback)

Races and Species:




  • Sagittarian warp-class space cruiser
  • Repulse-spheres

Synopsis for "The Goliath, the Gargoyle and the Galaxy Master!"

In a misguided attempt to help the Hulk in his battle against the Hulk-Hunters, Rick Jones has just turned the Gamma Ray Projector on himself in order to turn himself into another Hulk. Betty Ross watches in horror unable to get into the lab because Rick locked him out. Quick thinking, she runs to the generator and smashes it. With the main power cut off, the projector shuts off and the locks open. Betty rushes into the lab and finds Rick passed out on the floor, his body glowing with gamma radiation. Unsure of what to do next, she fears that if she doesn't get Rick help he will die. Suddenly, the alien known as Bereet teleports into the room, disappointed to see that one of the stars of her documentary is about to die.

Rick's foolish gesture is in vein as the Hulk has been brought into space by the Hulk-Hunters and their leader Empress Daydra to assist in putting a stop to the Galaxy Master, a creature that the Hulk was able to stop in the past. However, the Amphibian still bares a grudge against the Hulk over his last defeat when the pair fought over the Watcher's Ultimate Machine and the two soon come to blows. Daydra and the other Hulk-Hunters stop the fight and the Sagitarrian empress explains that the Galaxy Master has been laying siege to the galaxy with the help of his new minion who subgegates worlds before the Galaxy Master consumes them. Shown video footage of the last world the Galaxy Master ravaged, the Hulk instantly recognises the Galaxy Master's pawn as his long time foe the Abomination.

Soon they warp to the location of the Galaxy Master, and while the Hulk-Hunters venture out into space to battle the Galaxy Master, the Hulk his teleported to the planet below to face the Abomination. There the Hulk finds the alien world in ruins and millions dead. When he confronts the Abomination, his old foe explains that the Galaxy Master has used his powers to restore him to his full strength. However, as they battle the Hulk refuses to go down, pointing out that as strong as the Abomination is, the Hulk's strength is measured by his anger and that if Abomination is stronger, the Hulk just needs to get angry enough to match it. While in space, the Galaxy Master begins to weaken at the onslaught put on by the Hulk-Hunters.

Sensing his minion losing his battle, the Galaxy Master teleports both the Hulk and Abomination onto a chunk of rock in the space between himself and his opponents. The Abomination turns his attention to the Hulk-Hunters, leaving the Hulk to face Galaxy Master alone. The Galaxy Master responds to the Hulk's threat by changing shape into a bat-like creature. When the Hulk lays into him, the Galaxy Master then changes into a group of alien serpents, then a rock form. The Hulk faces all of these threats with increasing strength. Resuming his original form, the Galaxy Master then tries to defeat the Hulk by bombarding the brute with gamma rays. The Hulk resists this attack and redirects the gamma rays back on the Galaxy Master. Suddenly there is a massive explosion that catches both the Hulk and the Galaxy Master. With his master defeated, the Abomination loses his additional strength and falls into space. With the Galaxy Master seemingly destroyed, the Hulk-Hunters are left to wonder what happened to the Hulk.


Continuity Notes

  • The Hulk recalls how when the Abomination was first created he was made stronger than the Hulk, but Bruce Banner sapped away the additional strength. This happened in Tales to Astonish #9091.

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