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Appearing in "The Return of the U-Foes!"

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  • Spatial Distorter
  • Insula Sphere
  • Defendoids
  • Star Eye
  • Life Support Spider

Synopsis for "The Return of the U-Foes!"

With Rick Jones dying of radiation poisoning, Bereet and Betty Ross brought him to the now abandoned Gamma Base. They are soon joined by Bruce Banner who is now has full control of his Hulk form. Banner begins to operate the machinery needed to cure Rick of his radiation poisoning. At first the energy drain begins to work, but once the gamma radiation is gone, the machines begin draining Rick's life force. In order to save the boy, Bruce transforms into the Hulk at will and pulls him free of the machine. While Bereet finds this entertaining for her documentary, Betty Ross is horrified by what she has seen and demands to know what is going on. Reverting back to human form, Bruce explains how after concentrated exposures to gamma rays during his recent trials and tribulations have given him the ability to control his transformations into the Hulk and retain his mind when he assumes that form. This revelation upsets Betty, as she wants Bruce Banner to be cured of being the Hulk because she wanted to have a normal life with him. Breaking down in tears, Betty rushes out of the lab. Bruce tries to follow after her and is stopped by Bereet, who tries to introduce herself finally, but Bruce is uninterested in knowing who this stranger from another world and knocks her aside so he can go after Betty. Rick helps Bereet to her feet and asks her about the movie she claims to be making.

Outside, Bruce catches up to Betty so they can talk about their situation some more. Betty explains that while she is happy that Bruce has managed to get control of the Hulk, she cannot compromise with him, as they will never have a normal life with Bruce still maintaining the ability to change into the Hulk. Although Bruce tries to convince her of all the good he can do as the Hulk, Betty points out that as the Hulk, Bruce will still be a target of his various foes. As if on cue, this is when the U-Foes decide to make their presence known. They ambush Banner, catching him off guard. When having a moment of reprieve, Banner triggers a transformation into the Hulk and begins fighting off his attackers. As the debris begins to fly, Bereet encase herself, Rick and Betty in a Insula-Sphere. Ultimately, the U-Foes get the upper hand when X-Ray begins channeling negative gamma rays which force Bruce to revert back to human form. He is then knocked out by Vapor allowing the villains to take him prisoner. Vector then tells his minions that they are going to win the power they crave by destroying the Hulk on live television.

With the battle over, the Insula-Sphere is destroyed by Sturky, and Rick immediately begins planning to rescue Bruce. Betty however, has had enough and tells his allies this much. Bereet slaps Betty across the face, pointing out how Betty had previously convinced Bereet to get involved. Betty realizes how hypocritical she is being, but tells them that this is the last time that she is going to help. When Rick points out that they don't have the firepower to stop the U-Foes, Bereet tells them that she does have something to turn the tide. From her Spatial Distorter, she unleashes her Destructroids, the most deadly creations she has ever made.


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