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Quote1.png Mere humans delude themselves if they believe they or their machines -- are capable of acting faster than the masterful mind of MODOK! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Loose Ends"

The Hulk has just returned from the war-torn future of the 41st Century with the lifeless body of the so-called Hero for a Day in his hands. Feeling nothing but pity for this man of the future, the Hulk buries his body just outside of his observatory. Followed by his Recordasphere the Hulk returns to his new home, reverting back to human form along the way. Once he gets inside he is surprised to see that he has a visitor. The woman introduces herself as Kate Waynesboro, Banner's new lab assistant. Bruce welcomes her to the job but warns her that it comes with some surprises. Kate is steadfast, saying that she is aware of Banner's long history in both science and as the Hulk. Still, when she watches him transform into the Hulk, it comes as a bit of a shock to her. Still, this does not dissuade her from taking the job and Banner begins showing her around the facility. As they go about their business, they are unaware that Bruce's Recordasphere is angrily muttering to itself.

In Hollywood, there the brand new film by the alien woman known as Bereet is now screening. However, it is the subject of controversy as it's heavy use of special effects is seen as a threat to the many jobs in the film industry. Regardless of the industry protestors, the viewing public is still incredibly interested in seeing these new films, pushing past the picket lines to see the premiere. This is all seen by Bereet herself from the window of her new Hollywood apartment. While her agent is more than happy that her films are raking in a ton of money, the bird-woman from space is unhappy because she finds herself caught in the same creative rut as she did on her native world, pandering to a voracious audience instead of creating art that is true to herself.

Back at the Northwind Observatory, Bruce Banner and Kate Waynesboro get down to work. Bruce explains that the purpose of his facility is to examine ambient gamma rays from space and determine how they will affect life on Earth. He tells her how he is happy to be back on track with his life's work as being the Hulk had taken many years away from his research. As the two talk, the Recordasphere becomes more and more jealous. The device then decides to learn what it can about Kate by invading the living quarters provided to her by Bruce. There it finds a recording device that reveals that Kate is working secretly on the behalf of SHIELD to monitor Banner as an early warning system should the Hulk's savage persona make a return. The Sphere returns to the lab, where it enters in on a discussion about the possible effects of gamma rays from space. When Kate mentions the possibility that it may create monsters, she instantly catches herself and apologizes to Bruce. Seeing that the Waynesboro woman is developing feelings for its master, the Recordasphere decides to keep its findings a secret... for now.

That night, the Project: Skyfall facility is infiltrated by the being known as MODOK. Detecting the creature's initially intrusion, the facility tries to prevent the insane genius from infiltrating the main lab. However, none of the defenses or soldiers prove a match for MODOK's superior mental powers. Eventually, he breaks into the main lab where a strange being is being kept in a block of ice. Before MODOK can revive the being, he is stopped by the facility's military commander, General Ross. Probing the General's mind, he learns that they both have a mutual hatred of the Hulk. MODOK then appeals to this hatred, suggesting that Ross allow him to take the creature in the ice so that he can use it to destroy the Hulk once and for all. Even though this would be viewed as an act of treason, Ross decides to let MODOK succeed in his mission. Thawing out the ice, MODOK reveals that his quarry is none other than the Abomination!

Solicit Synopsis

Finding himself at "Loose Ends" after his encounter the previous issue with the Soldier, Bruce Banner tries to return to the relative quiet of his research, unaware that one of his strongest foes (possibly the strongest) is lurking in the background.


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  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Skin's Grab-Bag. Letters are published from Shane Hasty, Byron Cavender, Jerry Cavanaugh and Stephen Bell.

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