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Quote1.png The crowd questions your presence in the center-ring, Dr. Banner! They don't understand that you belong here as much as Dragon-Man! After all, you're both wild animals who exist only to be tamed. Freaks, who exist only to be exhibted! Transform yourself, Dr. Banner! Show these good people what a monster you really are! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dragon-Night!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Professor Hernandez (Only appearance)[1]



  • Gammascope
  • Human Cannonball's cannon
  • Live Wire's electric lariat
  • Ringmaster's mind-control hat


Synopsis for "Dragon-Night!"

In Mexico City, the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime perform under the big tent. The Ringmaster is frustrated that he is now forced to perform legitimate shows and that he can no longer enter the United States for fear of arrest. His star attraction is the monstrous android known as the Dragon Man. The Dragon Man is released from his cage, and breathes a trail of fire across the air. Fortunately for all concerned, the Dragon Man is completely under the Ringmaster’s control.

Meanwhile, Bruce Banner and Kate Waynesboro travel to Mexico to visit a scientist named Professor Hernandez. Hernandez is financing Banner’s work with Gammascope technology. Hernandez feels that the Gammascope, when used to revitalize withered crops and vegetables, will help to end hunger in impoverished neighborhoods.

After visiting the professor, Banner and Waynesboro spend the night at the Circus. Bruce doesn't immediately realize that the performers in the center ring are his old adversaries, the Circus of Crime. The Clown spots him and informs the Ringmaster that Bruce Banner is in the audience. The Ringmaster turns the hypnotic powers of his mind-control hat on Banner, forcing him to transform into the Hulk.

The Hulk, rendered temporarily savage once again, engages in a fight with the Dragon Man. As dozens of people race about in stark terror, the Human Cannonball prepares to lend the Dragon Man some assistance. Kate Waynesboro spoils the Cannonball's aim, forcing him to plunge directly into the back of the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster's hat falls to the ground, and the Hulk stomps on it, destroying it's ability to control his mind.

The Circus of Crime race to escape, and Waynesboro consoles the Hulk over the fact that the Ringmaster converted him into a mindless brute once again.

Solicit Synopsis

Dragon Man returns! The Circus of Crime, too! Plus - the nemesis which haunts all mankind begins to transform the Hulk's tragic life into a nightmare!


Continuity Notes

  • Dragon Man was last seen in Fantastic Four Annual #16 where he was left in the dimension called Rammatpolen. How he got back to Earth and put in captivity by the Circus of Crime is unexplained.
  • Kate quit SHIELD prior to this story, her afficiliation with that group was first revealed in Incredible Hulk #288.

Publication Notes

  • The corner graphic of the Hulk shows him in laboratory attire holding a beaker. The graphic progressively alters with each subsequent issue until Incredible Hulk #300.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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