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Quote1.png But obviously, someone's using my machines, my research without my authorization! Someone's using an untested, incredibly dangerous experimental technique -- to play God! Quote2.png
Bruce Banner

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Synopsis for "Turning Point!"

The Hulk returns from the Beyonder's Secret Wars. His intellect is greatly diminished, and his demeanor is more in line with that of the old savage Hulk. Further, he is nursing an injured leg, and requires a technologically advanced crutch to support his weight. He stomps through Central Park, and blusters past two pedestrians. He goes to the penthouse apartment of an aging crime lord, Max Hammer. Inside, Hammer's underling, Boomerang, has Kate Waynesboro held captive. The Hulk leaps through the window and sends Boomerang sprawling across the skyline. Kate tries to talk to Bruce, but immediately recognizes that something is wrong with the Hulk. The Hulk catches up to Boomerang, who tries to fend him off with his rocketrangs. The Hulk smashes Boomerang across the back of the neck, rendering him unconscious.

The Hulk calms down slightly, and Kate and he return to Northwind Observatory. When they arrive, they discover that Max Hammer has been using the Gammascope to cure dozens of terminally ill patients. Like Hammer, all of them have developed green skin as a side effect. Banner is shocked. He warned Hammer that the process had never been tested on human subjects. There is no telling what kind of long term side effects that technique may have.

As if in answer, a man enters the laboratory. It is Mister Douglas, the owner of Sirius the dog, whom Banner had cured of bone disease a short time ago. Douglas stands holding Sirius in his arms. The dog is dead. He tells Banner that days after Sirius’ treatment, he began acting feral and attacked the children, so Douglas had to put him down.

Moments later, Max Hammer begins convulsing and falls to the floor. When he rises, he is a snarling, large, green monster.

Solicit Synopsis

Last issue, the Hulk mysteriously disappeared! Now he's back - on crutches and seriously wounded! So he's in no shape to deal with the menace of Boomerang! Meanwhile, Dr. Banner's gamma-ray treatments are creating a whole new menace!


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  • This issue features a letters page, Green Skin's Grab Bag. Letters are published from Joan Kellenberger, Shane Hein, and Robert Bonney. The letters page also contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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