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Quote1.png Spaceman would cure Hulk? Spaceman would take away Hulk's power and make Hulk weak? Bah! Spaceman will do nothing... but die! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for ""To Kill or Cure!""

The Galadorian space knight Rom flies across the countryside scanning the hills with his energy analyzer for signs of Dire Wraith activity. His analyzer picks up strong gamma radiation readings, and he follows them towards the Catskill Mountains.

At Northwind Observatory, Max Stryker transforms into a grotesque version of the Hulk. Bruce Banner's rage consumes him, and he begins acting more like the savage Hulk of old. As the Hulks battle one another, Kate Waynesboro notices that the other recipients of the Gammascope process are suddenly falling ill.

The Hulks continue to bash at each other, causing massive damage to the observatory. Suddenly, Banner breaks into a full fury and the savage Hulk's personality takes the control. He punches Hammer and sends him hurtling through the roof of the observatory. He leaps after him and continues the fight in the mountains.

Meanwhile, Rom appears at the observatory, and Kate explains why all of the patients are dying. Rom uses his Neutralizer ray to burn out all of the excess gamma radiation in their bodies. Although they all return to normal, they have also regained their former illnesses.

Rom flies to the Hulk battle and turns his neutralizer against Bruce and Hammer. Hammer returns to normal, but the Hulk's gamma infected blood is too much a part of his genetic structure to produce the same effect. The Hulk leaps after Rom and begins beating on him. Kate tries to hold the Hulk back, but the Hulk angrily backhands her. Some of the Neutralizer ray begins to take effect, and the Hulk calms down slightly. With Banner's persona back in control, he is horrified to discover that he has lashed out against the woman he loves. Despair sets in and the Hulk leaps away before he can do any more damage.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest starring the greatest of spaceknights! That's right - ever wonder what would happen if Rom turned his energy analyzer on the Hulk? And that isn't all! 'Cause this issue, we find out about another Hulk... and the deadly secret of Bruce Banner's experiments! Too much for ya?


Continuity Notes

  • This story references Rom's war with the Dire Wraiths which started in Rom #1. How Brandy Clark became the new Starshine; this happened in Rom #40. Lastly, reference is made to the global war against the Dire Wraiths which lasts from Rom #5265.

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