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Appearing in "The Hunt Across Worlds!"

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  • Crossroads
    • Barren World
    • Desert World
    • Furry Blue People World


  • Laser Harpoon


Synopsis for "The Hunt Across Worlds!"

The savage Hulk has been forced into being a member aboard the crew of the Andromeda in their endless obsession to hunt and kill the massive energy creature known as Klaatu. Having passed through the Crossroads dimension into another realm, the Hulk's companion the Puffball Collective has been left behind thanks to a barrier that prevents it from traveling to other worlds. This sudden abandonment causes the mindless Hulk to go on a rampage aboard the Andromeda. This happens just as the crew is bearing down on Klaatu. Thanks to the Hulk's rampage, Xeron's off his mark with the laser harpoon, and Klaatu teleports away. Furious, Captain Cybor orders his men to pilot the Andromeda back to the Crossroads so they might continue hunting Klaatu anew.

When they return to the Crossroads they accept the Puffball Collective on board again to calm the Hulk. In order to bypass whatever barriers prevent the Puffball Collective from passing through the portals. Xeron encases the Puffball Collective in a shield before continuing their hunt for Klaatu. When they pass through another portal to an alien world, the shield is sufficient to prevent the Puffball Collective from being forced to stay behind, much to the delight of the Hulk. In fact for the first time in a while, the Hulk speaks, verbally referring to the Collective as his friend. Eventually, the Andromeda catches up with Klaatu and Xeron manages to latch onto the beast with three laser harpoons. Klaatu tries to escape by teleporting between dimensions, but because of the laser harpoons, takes the Andromeda with it wherever it goes.

On a desert world, Klaatu slows down allowing the Andromeda to get closer. However, this is a plot allowing the energy creature to heavily damage the ship in one blow. While the Andromeda wrecks itself on the group, the Hulk and the Puffball Collective manage to leap free before the crash. Although most of the crew is dead, Captain Cybor still demands that the mortally wounded Xeron finish their mission. Seeing how pitiful Klaatu looks, the Hulk decides to free Klaatu and severs the laser harpoon. Free, Klaatu restores the Hulk's strength before teleporting away. The Puffball Collective then convinces the Hulk to activate the failsafe spell to return them to the Crossroads dimension. Once they are gone a desert wind begins to blow, burying the Andromeda and the bodies of its crew under tons of sand.


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