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-- Hulk

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Synopsis for "The Triad!"

As the savage Hulk's mind continues to surface he is joined by the Triad, a trio of beings that claim to have been watching over the Hulk for some time. Guardian, Goblin, and Glow are now trying to assist the Hulk in returning home to Earth after he has been exiled to the Crossroads dimension. Seeing that the Puffball Collective have managed to awaken the Hulk's mind, at least partially, Guardian tries to help the process along. Firing an arrow into the Hulk's mind it awakens the Hulk's long-submerged memories. The Hulk soon remembers everything from his birth until he was manipulated into a rampage by Nightmare and was banished to the Crossroads by Doctor Strange. Although they desire to bring the Hulk back to Earth, without food or water, the Hulk will die. As such they are forced to find a habitable world for the Hulk to survive on until they can get him back home.

The Hulk enters a portal and he and the Triad to an inhospitable desert world. Thinking that there can be no water or food here, Goblin tries to convince the Hulk to trigger the failsafe spell to return them to the Crossroads. But the Hulk refuses to do so and begins leaping across the planet, searching for something. After miles in the blazing heat they all come upon what appears to be an oasis of water. However, it turns out to be merely a mirage. With the Hulk suffering from dehydration, the Triad continue to try and get the Hulk to trigger the spell to return to the Crossroads. Suddenly, a storm rolls in and the Hulk shields the Triad from the pounding wind and sand. Once the storm passes they notice that it has uncovered a real oasis. filled with water. Proving to the Triad that the Hulk knew what he was doing the whole time.


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