Quote1 Men will not harm woman! Quote2
-- Hulk

Appearing in "Banner Redux"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Skeletal soldiers (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed alien woman (First appearance)



  • Glow's bow and arrows


Synopsis for "Banner Redux"

The Hulk continues to travel across one of the worlds he accessed through the Crossroads. Accompanying him are the Triad, a trio of beings who claim that they have been watching over the Hulk for quite some time. Guardian, Glow, and Goblin have been working together to try and reawaken the mind of Bruce Banner within the Hulk in order to try and get him back home to Earth.

Their wanderings soon bring them upon a group of robed figures are dragging a woman on a wagon toward a massive fortress. There they begin ringing bells, before disrobing the woman, revealing her to be a beautiful -- yet primitively dressed -- woman. When it turns out that the men are about to sacrifice the woman, the Hulk leaps to her defense. As the Hulk fights off the robed individuals, skeletal warriors emerge from the fortress. Their weapons kill with a single strike. Although the Triad attempt to assist the Hulk in battle, but it is to no avail. When the Hulk is struck by one of the warriors' weapons it triggers a reversion into Bruce Banner instead of killing him. Banner is confused about the situation and he begs for help before he passes out. Banner is then taken prisoner along with the savage woman she had come to save.

Bruce is put before an alter where he is shocked to discover that he is to be killed by the hand of the very woman he attempted to save.


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