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Appearing in "Baptism of Fire"

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Other Characters:

  • TV newscaster




  • Hulkbusters' "machine"
  • Dianne Bellamy's Gyro-Copter

Synopsis for "Baptism of Fire"

At Hulkbuster Base, Betty Ross mulls over Bruce's proposal. When she enters his lab she is shocked to discover what appears to be the Hulk about read to lunge at Bruce. Bruce sets her mind at ease, pointing out that it is merely a hologram. To show Betty the range of the holographic projector he changes the image of the Hulk to appear as it did when he first transformed, a monster with gray skin. Bruce then remarks about the many physical and mental transformations the Hulk has underwent over the years. He then asks Betty if she has an answer to his proposal, but she tells him that she still needs to think about it. She then plays back a news report for him about how Doc Samson is engaged on his own independent hunt for the Hulk. Banner is furious to hear that Samson is acting independently.

At that moment, Doc Samson sees what he thinks is the Hulk and closes in on the brute in his two-man helicopter. Samson leaps from the chopper and attacks what he thinks is the Hulk. After suffering a number of blows, the "Hulk" shatters revealing it to be nothing more than a robot. Suddenly, the Hulkbusters attack in a bipedal combat vehicle. They are unimpressed with Samson's interference. During the ensuing battle, the Hulkbusters separate the components of their vehicle: the bi-pedal walker and a flying portion. Samson leaps up at the flier, which contains Carolyn Parmentor and Armand Martel. While in the walker are Craig Saunders and Samuel LaRoquette. They try to fire on Samson, but they hit the flyer instead causing it to crash. As the flyer bursts into flames, Samson is able to pull out Martel, but the vehicle suddenly explodes, killing Carolyn.

LaRoquette blames Samson for her death but Samson shoves him aside. He warns the Hulkbusters against interfering with his hunt for the Hulk. He then leaps aboard his helicopter and leaves the scene. As Samson flies away, Samuel vows to get revenge against Samson, no matter the cost. Back at base, Hideko Takata bumps into Betty Ross in the gym. When she confides in Hideko about her conflicted feelings about Bruce's proposal, Takata tells her to follow her heart. Betty then goes to meet with Bruce and tells him that she will marry him.


Continuity Notes

  • Bruce Banner is separated from the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #315. However, this separation proves hazardous to their continued existence and Banner is forced to merge with the Hulk again in Incredible Hulk #323.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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