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  • Hulkbuster's machine
  • Saunders's body armor

Synopsis for "Member of the Wedding"

The Hulkbusters have track the Hulk, with Saunders using a suit of combat armor to face the creature one-on-one, as the Hulk tries to flee he is attacked by the rest of the Hulkbusters in a flying ship with LaRoquette on board. The Hulk tries to knock the ship out of the sky. Samuel orders Craig to fire, but Saunders chokes, not wanting to repeat the same mistake that claimed the life of their teammate Carolyn. Suddenly, Doc Samson arrives on the scene and leaps up to the ship and knocks the Hulk off with a single blow.

When the Hulk hits the ground, Saunders begins firing on the gamma-spawned monster. However, Craig is incapacitated and when Samson tries to get back into the battle he is shot from behind by LaRoquette who blames him for the death of Carolyn. While Samuel is busy with Samson, the Hulk leaps on his ship again. Samson is willing to leave LaRouqette to his fate, Saunders convinces him to help. Samson grudgingly knocks the Hulk off the ship again and the pair fight it out. When Samson is knocked into an abandoned church, the Hulk loses interest in the fight and leaps away.

When Saunders and LaRoquette go into the church to check on Samson, he punches Samuel. Doc Samson once more warns them once more to stay out of his way or suffer the consequences.


Rick Jones arrives at Hulkbuster Base after hearing of the impending wedding of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. Bruce and Betty are happy to see that Rick has come to witness the wedding. Although Rick can't help but remark about how he still feels responsible for Banner being turned into the Hulk to begin with. Bruce points out that Rick has more than made up for it. He also reminds the youth that he has had an exciting life alongside the Avengers, as the partner of both Captain America and Captain Marvel, and his most recent involvement with Rom the Spaceknight.

Soon, Bruce is dressing up in his wedding outfit, and he confides in Rick. Telling him that he is sure that he fell in love with Betty from the moment he first met her on the site of the gamma bomb test. Betty interrupts their talk and Bruce remarks at how beautiful her wedding dress looks. Betty explains that the dress was her grandmother's, and this gets her thinking about her father and the fact that since he has been dishonorably discharged from the military, she hasn't heard from him. She tells him how he made it seem like he committed suicide, but she hasn't heard of him since he disappeared. This admission causes Betty to break down in tears.

Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Hideko Takata who tells them that all the preparations have been made and the priest is waiting for them. Alone with Rick for a moment, Bruce mentions how he has been considering finding a means to re-merge with the Hulk and keep him under control. Rick tells Bruce that he doesn't like the sound of that. Soon, Bruce, Betty, Rick and Hideko are at the chapel. As the priest has the couple exchange their vows, someone interrupts the wedding at gunpoint. It's the former General Ross, who refuses to let Banner marry his daughter. When Rick tries to stop Thaddeus, he shoots Rick in the stomach.

Having had enough, Betty lashes out at her father explaining how he has ruined everything about her life ever since he became obsessed with destroying the Hulk. She tells him that Bruce is no longer the Hulk and insists that if he wishes to stop the wedding he must shoot her as well. Faced with this, Thaddeus lets go of the gun and breaks down, explaining that all he has ever wanted was for his daughter to be happy. While Betty was busy with her father, Bruce was able to perform first aid on Rick. Rick refuses to be taken away before the wedding ceremony can finish. With further ado, the priest completes the ceremony and Bruce Banner and Betty Ross become husband and wife. When their vows are complete, the couple kiss.


Continuity Notes

  • Bruce Banner is separated from the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #315. However, this separation proves hazardous to their continued existence and Banner is forced to merge with the Hulk again in Incredible Hulk #323.
  • Rick is still guilty over Bruce Banner being transformed into the Hulk, which happened way back in Incredible Hulk #1.
  • Mention is made of General Ross' discharge from the military. He committed an act of treason by assisting MODOK in freeing the Abomination to use against the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #287288.

Publication Notes

  • This story divides the two plot lines on each half of the page.

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