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  • Hulkbuster's machine (Only in flashback)
  • Hulkbuster buggy
  • Dianne Bellamy's gyro-copter

Synopsis for "Honeymoon's Over!"

Separated from Bruce Banner, the savage Hulk rampages through the desert. So great is his rage that he takes his anger out on a small scorpion for the simple fact that it was in his line of sight.

Meanwhile, at Gamma Base, the newlywed Betty Banner tries to convince her husband that they need to go on a honeymoon. Bruce is too busy with Hulkbuster operations and tries to put off the wishes of his wife. Their conversation is interrupted by Samuel LaRoquette who is reporting in from the field. LaRoquette is testing out a new battle buggy developed by Banner to hunt down the Hulk. He tells Bruce that they have no sign of the Hulk yet. No longer taking no for an answer, Betty makes Bruce leave Gamma Base as she had booked them on a cruise. Elsewhere in the desert, Doc Samson is also hunting for the Hulk. He has been searching for days since he inadvertently unleashed the mindless Hulk upon the world. His thoughts about the events of the past few days, Samson spots a wrecked car learns from its stranded passengers that the Hulk was responsible.

Advancing onward in his two-man helicopter, Doc Samson discovers more and more destruction until he finds the Hulk laying waste to an entire town. Doc Samson puts his copter on hover and leaps down to battle the Hulk. As they are trading blows, the Hulkbusters see smoke from the fires in the distance and head over to check it out. When Samuel tries to contact Bruce Banner back at Gamma Base, he finds no answer. At that moment, Bruce and Betty are checking in on Rick Jones who has been recovering from a gunshot wound inflicted upon him by Betty's father Thaddeus Ross. Rick is recovering just fine, but before they can leave Doctor Fisher asks Bruce if he can examine him again. Taking a blood sample, Fisher learns how Bruce has been feeling weak recently. Fisher things that Bruce might be suffering from fatigue and thinks going on a vacation is a good idea.

Back in the town of Jericho, the Hulk and Doc Samson's battle is interrupted by the Hulkbusters who blast the Hulk away. Also arriving on the scene is Dianne Belamy and her news crew to cover the story. As the battle rages both the East and West Coast roster of the Avengers watch the footage. Both teams decide that Samson flubbed his chance and that they need to get involved again. Meanwhile, the Hulk damages the Hulkbuster's buggy and tosses it on top of Doc Samson, pinning him to the ground. With the tide turning, Craig Saunders tries to get a hold of Bruce at the hospital by calling Rick Jones. At that moment, Betty is telling Rick about how she feels neglected because Bruce is more focused on hunting the Hulk. When Saunders' call comes in, Rick lies and tells him that Banner isn't there. Betty is grateful that Rick is looking out for her relationship with Bruce. When Bruce comes back, he is once more considering going back to Gamma Base, but both Betty and Rick convince him that a honeymoon is more important.

As Betty gets Bruce aboard the cruise ship, the battle in Jericho is not going so great. The Hulkbuster's buggy is completely ruined. As Samson begins losing the battle, LaRoquette tries to battle the Hulk in a suit of battle armor. The Hulk easily dismantles this armor, leaving them defenseless. With the immediate threat over with, the Hulk continues his path into town. While on the cruise ship, Bruce Banner is approached by the captain with an urgent message from Jericho. Suddenly, Banner collapses on the deck of the ship and slips into a coma. Checking her husband, Betty discovers that Bruce has stopped breathing.


Continuity Notes

  • Bruce Banner is separated from the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #315. However, this separation proves hazardous to their continued existence and Banner is forced to merge with the Hulk again in Incredible Hulk #323. Doc Samson recounts the events of Incredible Hulk Vol 1 315 to this issue.

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