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Synopsis for "Pyrrhic Victory"

The military base where gamma bombs are being stored in Yuma, Arizona is suddenly attacked by the Leader's minions Rock and Redeemer. While Redeemer forces himself through the front gate with guns blazing, Rock is sent over top of the base to rain down on them with his malleable rock form.

Not far away, Bruce Banner cradles the sleeping body of his wife in his arms, finally reunited after so much time apart. However, he wonders about how much of a coincidence that she ended up crossing paths with them as they were searching for the gamma bombs. Elsewhere, Clay Quartermain and Rick Jones are seeing a movie so that Bruce and Betty can have some privacy in their stolen SHIELD battle van. They soon begin talking about their plans to inform the world about the gamma bombs that the United States have been stockpiling. Clay explains that the best way to reveal them to the world and pressure the government into disarming the weapons is by stealing one. Unknown to Clay, Rock and Redeemer are currently blasting their way through the soldiers at the Yuma military base to do the very same thing.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Betty are talking about her running away and Bruce learns that she left him a note before she disappeared. She tells him the gist of it, saying that she couldn't live in a marriage with him that is filled with constant dangers and the Hulk. She explains that she is afraid of the fact that her husband cannot express his feelings unless it's through the Hulk. Bruce corrects her, telling her that it's not the fear of expressing emotion, but the fear of them getting out of control. Bruce tells her that he loves her, but that's not enough because the Hulk will always stand between them. Betty has decided that the only thing they can do now is to wait until sunset and confront the Hulk himself. When Bruce warns her that the Hulk is unpredictable, she tells him he always know. She then warns Bruce that if he chooses to walk away from this that she will be out of his life for good. Back at the battle van, Rick and Clay return to discover that Betty and Bruce are nowhere to be found. Noticing that it is almost sundown the two begin searching for the couple before Bruce can change into the Hulk.

While at the Leader's secret hideout, the gamma-spawned genius gloats over his success of his creations, Rock and Redeemer. While the Leader continues his schemes, he is unaware that his actions are being observed by two individuals who are also planning an end to the Hulk. At that moment, sunset has completed itself and Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk. Hearing that Rick and Clay are coming, Betty plays into the Hulk's pride to convince the creature into taking them someplace private so they can talk. While the couple are leaping away, Rock and Redeemer have finally broken into the holding facility where the gamma bombs are being kept. The Hulk takes Betty to a nearby mountain top to talk. Betty tells him that what she wants is for him, the Hulk, to accept her. Explaining that she has come to terms with the fact that there is a Hulk and will no longer fight it. The Hulk wants nothing to do with the conversation, and Betty pleads with him to let a little of Bruce Banner out to talk. When he is about to take off, she finally caves and admits that she is pregnant with Bruce Banner's child. She then begins to break down, but her words finally get through to the Hulk, who picks Betty up and cradles her in his arms.


Continuity Notes

  • Rick Jones mentions his friend Rom. Rick spent time with the alien cyborg from Rom #5472.
  • This story makes many references to the current state of Bruce and Betty's relationship. Namely how Bruce accidentally harmed her when he transformed into the Hulk in Incredible Hulk #334. She left him to be with Ramon Morales in the following issue, a note she left for Bruce ended up getting thrown out by a nurse, hence why he never saw it. Betty later learned she was pregnant in Incredible Hulk #340.
  • The mysterious beings that are spying on the leader are Gorsham and Booly as revealed in Incredible Hulk #351. What is seen here is vastly different than how they appear later and likely can be attributed to a change in artists.

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