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Appearing in "Fervor"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Gorsham Gorsham (Last appearance)
  • Previous Appearance of Whully Whully (Last appearance)
  • Previous Appearance of Booly Booly (Last appearance)
  • Previous Appearance of Sister Marclark Sister Marclark (Last appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Jen
  • Bohb



  • Inquisitors Staff
  • Hulk Statue


Synopsis for "Fervor"

In Las Vegas, Marlo Chandler tries to call Joe Fixit so they can talk. However, the receptionist tells her that Fixit is not home and takes a message. "Joe Fixit", actually the Hulk, is up in his room sleeping after an exhausting series of battles. He dreams about the time after the gamma bomb went off in Middletown and found himself in the world of K'ai...

... Since the last time the Hulk was on the world of K'ai a religion has been formed around how he restored the planet. However, this has come at the price of the Grand Inquisitor Risuli taking control of the land. Risuli, a religious fanatic, has convinced the people of his world that he is the voice of their god, the Hulk. With the appearance of the Hulk, Risuli's rule is now threatened and he has been convincing his followers that this is an Anti-Hulk, namely because the Hulk's skin is now gray instead of green. Among the fevered crowd are two dissidents, Bohb and Jen. Bohb tells Jen that they managed to rescue Marclark, one of the Sisters of Jarella who has been labeled a heretic after her encounter with the Hulk.

Meanwhile, at the hideout of Gorsham and his followers, plans are being made to oust Risuli from his rule with the Hulk's help. To facilitate this, they have the Hulk dressed up in religious clothing, something the Hulk grudgingly accepts but demands that the magician use his powers to prevent Bruce Banner from returning again, as per their deal. Gorsham follows the Hulk's wishes and after a strange buzzing sensation the Hulk has to accept that the job is apparently done. After the Hulk is out of earshot, Gorsham's followers ask if this brute is really the Hulk of legend. Gorsham confirms this but tells them not to worry as they will be rid of him soon enough. Soon they are in a nearby town that is being terrorized by Risuli's minions. The Hulk arrives and smashes them without much by was of opposition, the Hulk wins instant followers who then turn on their persecutors. Seeing this entire town of worshipers, the Hulk muses about he could get used to such treatment.

When news reaches Risuli, he is furious and orders his men to be at the arms. Meanwhile, Bohb and Jen's resistance is flushed out and they, along with Sister Marclark are ordered to surrender. At that moment, the Hulk and his armies arrive in Risuli's city. He begins making work of the guards thanks to his superior strength an invulnerability. Risuli is busy torturing the resistance members recently captured and kills the messenger who tells him that the "Anti-Hulk" has arrived. The tide of battle turns when the Hulk claps his hands together to create a shockwave to disorientate his attackers. They quickly realize that they are facing the true Hulk and ally themselves with him. Risuli makes an appearance and challenges the Hulk to a fight to the death. The Hulk leaps up to face his foe, but is blasted back by Risuli's mystical staff.

The Hulk easily rebuffs Risuli's attack and quickly disarms him. The Hulk then slays his foe before everyone, ending the Grand Inquisitors reign of terror. In the aftermath of the battle, Gorsham finalizes the spell that will prevent the any further transformations back into Bruce Banner. Gorsham and his followers then state that they have found an object of significant mass to swap him with back on Earth. The Hulk then tells them that he has no intention of leaving K'ai, but it's too late, Gorsham and his men have already started the spell. Before the Hulk teleports away, Gorsham explains that they only intended to use the Hulk to oust Risuli so that they could take control of K'ai in his place. Before the Hulk can do anything, he suddenly disappears and is replaced by the Adamantium statue that was built some time earlier when the Hulk was pardoned...

... The Hulk continues to slumber but Gorsham's spell is not as permanent as promised as he soon reverts back into Bruce Banner.


Continuity Notes

  • A number of facts about the realm of K'ai they are:
    • the wizards were concerned that the Hulk being on K'ai would destabilize the Earth's sun. This potential danger was first realized in Incredible Hulk #148. The statue taken from Earth to replace the Hulk's mass on K'ai was the statue built by Alicia Masters in Incredible Hulk #279.
    • A spell used to submerge Banner's personality was previously used in Incredible Hulk #156.
    • Likewise is the death of Jarella mentioned. Jarella was killed on Earth in Incredible Hulk #205.
    • Mention is made how the Hulk saved K'ai from destruction. The planet was on the verge of turning into a waste land until the Hulk revived it using the Soul Gem as seen in Incredible Hulk #247248.

Continuity Errors

  • This story states that the statue of the Hulk was located in Washington, D.C. This is not correct as established in Incredible Hulk #279 and 299, the statue was placed in Central Park.

Chronology Notes

The flashback on K'ai affects the chronology of the following characters:

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