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Synopsis for "The Sure Thing"

Marlo Chandler returns to her apartment to find it in shambles after the Hulk's clash with Maggia enforcers. She is confused as she had left "Bruce Bancroft", the man who claimed that was her boyfriend, Joe Fixit's, "half-brother", unaware that "Joe" is actually the Hulk. She finds a detective from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was waiting in her apartment, but she has no answers with them.

Meanwhile, in the shared mind of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the Hulk is mentally bricking Bruce Banner in an attempt to shut him out for good. Bruce protests, telling the Hulk that he has no right taking over his entire life. Bruce then wakes up and finds that the Hulk has written "screw this up and I'll kill you!" written on the mirror. Bruce is hardly phased by this threat and thinks the Hulk's first mistake was letting him on what matters most. However, Bruce finds that the Hulk hasn't left him any clothing, so he is forced to steal some from a laundry cart before leaving. In the next hotel room is Joe Fixit's employer, mobster Michael Berengetti and his wife Suzi, who were brought here to get away from the Maggia hitmen. As Banner is trying to hitch a ride back to Vegas, Berengetti tries to call Joe Fixit's room and when there is no answer, Michael angrily decides to take his wife back to his casino. When Berengetti returns to the Coliseum he finds the place empty. He learns from his guards that the Maggia is keeping the tourists away and cutting off his supply lines. Michael tells his man to tell him the rest up in his office and remarks how the current situation is a nightmare. Overhearing this is the strange man in a flowered shirt, the only patron, who thinks to himself that dreams are his specialty. At that very moment, a supplier to the Coliseum Casino decides to refuse to cut them off, incurring the wrath of the Maggia who sends one of their enforcers to break up the place.

Back at Marlo's apartment, Ms. Chandler tries to clean up the place after the state it was left in. She is unimpressed when "Bruce Bancroft" returns to her home. He tries to deflect her questions about what happened to her apartment, saying that Joe Fixit was responsible but tells her that they need to talk elsewhere. Marlo sees that Bruce is troubled about something and suggests that they go to for a swim at the health club she works at. Turns out a swim is just what Bruce needed to unwind. He thinks about how kind and caring Marlo is and wonders what she sees in the Hulk. When she joins him, she asks her just that and she explains that she feels sorry for him, seeing that he wants to be loved but has been hurt before and is afraid to let someone in. She tells Bruce that she won't hurt the Hulk, and Bruce believes her.

Back at the Coliseum Casino, Michael Berengetti surveys the damage done to the Hulk's room and begins to feel as though their arrangement is no longer working out. When he goes back out into the main lobby he is questioned by a LVPD detective who informs him that the Maggia has set up shop at the Grand Royal Casino and is arranging a meeting with the of mobsters in town to discuss business. Meanwhile, the Maggia has sent out their enforcers to kill any mobsters who refuse to come to the meeting. While back at her apartment, Marlo has to explain to her roommate Mona why their apartment is in shambles and whose wet swim trunks are in the sink. When Mona asks where Joe Fixit's half-brother is, Marlo tells her he had to leave but didn't explain why. In reality, Bruce left because it is sundown and he has once more transformed into the Hulk. Returning to his penthouse, he finds a message form Banner reading "Now You Owe Me!", angering the Hulk, who then leaves to find Michael Berengetti. The whole time he is unaware that he is being watched by the mysterious man who has been granting wishes all over Las Vegas.

At the Grand Royal Casino, Michael Berengetti tries to make his stand against the Maggia, to discover that nobody is willing to stand by his side against these invaders. Everyone, except Joe Fixit, who arrives on the scene. The Maggia are ready for the Hulk this time having called in a group of thugs who have had strength enhancements like Man-Mountain Marko. As the Hulk begisn to fight it out with these strongmen, the mobsters do what comes natural to them: they start placing bets. This soon spreads like wildfire as the Hulk begins clearing out the leg-breakers. The Hulk eventually defeats all his attackers, netting a huge win for his boss, who is happy to have Joe Fixit back at his side.


Continuity Notes

  • Bruce demands to know how the Hulk kept control of their body for three months. Bruce had been locked away since a gamma bomb blast in Middletown in Incredible Hulk #345, he was transported to K'ai where a spell was cast that kept Banner locked away, but it eventually wore off as chronicled in Incredible Hulk #351352.

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