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  • Las Vegas
    • Dog Fighting Match
    • Convention Center
    • Winnigan Finnigan's
    • Hospital
    • Kudos Casino
    • Tad's Gym



Synopsis for "Control Problems"

In a foul mood after Marlo Chandler told him that she doesn't want to see him anymore, the Hulk is spoiling for a fight. He shows up at an illegal dog fighting match in a warehouse. He steps in the middle of the two fighting dogs and snaps the winning dog's neck. When the owner protests, the Hulk throws money at him to cover the cost. Unimpressed, the man and some of the other patrons try to attack the Hulk, but he easily trounces them. After the dog fighters flee the scene, the Hulk admits that he feels sick and wants to beat up on someone who is a challenge. He is approached by an old man who suggests that he go to Finnigan's Bar downtown, as it is a biker hangout. The Hulk thanks the old man for the advice and leaps off toward the bar in question.

Meanwhile, high above the clouds, Glorian meets with his master the Shaper of Worlds to discuss the difficulties that he has been having getting the Hulk to see the light. The Shaper makes the image of a clay vase appear telling his pupil that humans beings are like the vase, pointing out that regardless of its shape it is still just dirt. He goes on to say that the Hulk is the clay without the pretense of thinking it is a vase. Glorian refuses to give up, even after the Shaper calls him a fool and is determined to prove himself right and disappears. Down on the surface the police have arrived at the video convention where the Hulk seemingly killed Glorian. Everyone, including Marlo Chandler, is shocked when Glorian suddenly gets up from the chalk outline drawn around him and easily walks away from the scene. As the golden-skinned man begins planning his next move a limo pulls up and the man in the passenger seat tells him to get inside, as he has an offer for him. Glorian is reluctant at first, but convinced that nobody could truly harm him, Glorian agrees to climb into the vehicle. The man in the car, Nick Clute, has taken an interested in Glorian's battle with Joe Fixit and wants to make a bargain.

At that moment, the Hulk lands outside of Winnigan Finnigan's and goes inside. There he loudly announces that all bikers are wimps. This, naturally, causes the bikers to try and beat him up. Like the dog fighters before them, the bikers are no match for the Hulk, who easily defeats them as well. The Hulk is still not happy, and he wants to look for another fight. Suddenly, the old man from earlier speaks up from behind him. Fixit turns and sees that the old man has somehow caught up with him. This stranger tells Hulk that if he really wants to fight the toughest guy in Vegas he should try Tad's Gym across town. Warning the old man that he better not be playing any games, Hulk leaps away to face this new challenge. Later, at the hospital where Marlo's roommate Mona works, Mona is tending to the roughed up bikers. One of them doesn't like the pain he alcohol sab is causing and tries to attack her, but he is stopped by Marlo, causing the biker to back off when he sees the statue of this new woman. Marlo then asks to talk to Mona talk in private. In a supply closet, Marlo tells Mona about how Joe Fixit killed a man who later got up and walked away. Mona reminds her roommate that Joe Fixit is a mob enforcer, killing people is part of his job, day-in and day-out. Marlo then realizes that she has never seen Joe Fixit during the day, and believes something strange is going on and becomes determined to find out what it is.

Meanwhile, at the newly constructed Kudos Casino, Glorian is given a new suit and gets down to business with Nick Cloot. Cloot explains that he is in charge of the Maggia crime family and that he has been trying to get a foothold in Vegas, but his organization has been impeded thanks to Michael Berengetti and his enforcer Joe Fixit. Learning that Glorian seeks to make the Hulk see the light, Cloot wants to make a wager, pulling a contract out of his desk. Glorian doesn't like this idea, but he is under no pressure to sign. When Glorian spots a vase on display similar to the one shown to him by the Shaper of World's earlier that day, he believes that this is a test put on by his master and decides to take on Cloot's contract. Nick tells Glorian that if he manages to convert the Hulk before the alotted time, he is free of his obligations. Accepting the terms, Glorian is surprised when he has to write his name in blood after pricking his finger with a knife. Cloot insists that he does so, saying that it is a family tradition.

At that moment at Tad's Gym, a boxer knocks out his opponent in the ring and asks for another challenger. The Hulk takes him up on the offer, but this fighter is also no match for the Hulk. The old man appears and mocks the Hulk's tactics. Fed up the Joe Fixit threatens to pound on him when the old man says his real opponent is waiting just outside. The Hulk goes outside, but all that is out there is a mannequin that resembles Bruce Banner. Furious at the sight of his alter-ego, and thinking he hears Banner laughing in his head, the Hulk smashes the dummy and vows to eventually beat Banner.


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