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Synopsis for "Inferno - 2, Hulk - 0"

Led to believe the Hulk is responsible for his being transformed into a demon, the man now known as the Ghoul flies over Las Vegas hunting for his prey. Watching from the window of the Kudo Casino is Maggia leader Nick Cloot. He is joined by Glorian, who reports that he has fostered distrust in the Hulk's closest allies in the hopes of forcing him to see Glorian's light. When asking who Cloot has found to fight the Hulk, he is horrified at the sight of the Ghoul. Glorian questions what he has gotten himself into, but Cloot assures him that the Ghoul will do the job, as he can track the Hulk wherever he may be.

At that moment, the Hulk is checking out a cabaret show at the Ponyland Revue, still fuming over how both Berengetti and Marlo have rejected him. Suddenly, the Ghoul comes crashing through the roof and challenges the Hulk. Not knowing who this creature is, the Hulk is still more than happy to oblige a fight. The battle between the two takes them out into the street where a police SWAT team has already arrived on the scene. When the officers shoot at the Ghoul, the Hulk is surprised to see that they have no effect on his foe. The Hulk leaps into battle anyway, but is shocked when the Ghoul's claws not only cut him open, but makes the wounds burn bad enough to harm him. This weakens the Hulk enough for the Ghoul to pick up the Hulk and toss him into the Liberace Museum. The two continue to fight, and the battle sends them crashing into a nearby waterpark. The battle soon becomes breaking news, as reports fear this might be similar to the past demonic possession of New York City. Watching the news in their apartment, Marlo tells her roommate Mona to change the channel to something that isn't about Joe Fixit.

As the battle rages on, the Hulk notices that the Ghoul weakens when splashed with water, and uses it to gain the upper hand in battle. Observing this from the Kudo, Glorian has seen enough, and thinking that Nick Cloot is really the Shaper of Worlds testing him, he tells Cloot to end the charade. However, Glorian was wrong, Cloot is an entirely different beast altogether. Growing in size and strength, Nick Cloot grabs Glorian by the arm and forces him to his knees, and tells him that he is still held to the contract he signed earlier. If Glorian fails to make the Hulk seen the light by midnight, Cloot has full claim on Glorian's soul. Elsewhere in the city, the Hulk and the Ghoul's fight sends them crashing into the Coliseum Casino. Although he is trashing his own place of employment, the Hulk refuses to give up fighting his foe. Correctly deducing his foe's weakness, the Hulk then tricks the Ghoul into entering a meat locker. Weakened by the cold, the Ghoul is totally at his mercy. When the demon tries to slip back outside, the Hulk grabs his leg and impales the Ghoul on a meat hook, killing him. With the battle over, Michael Berengetti approaches the Hulk and tells him that he is fired. From his headquarters, Nick Cloot laughs.


Continuity Notes

  • The demonic invasion mentioned in the news report is a reference to the Inferno event which took place primarily in Uncanny X-Men #239243 and X-Factor #3639 among various other titles. The Hulk was not involved in said event.

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