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Synopsis for "Soul Man"

Following his battle against the Ghoul, the Joe Fixit is informed by his boss, mobster Michael Berengetti, that he is fired after trashing the casino he worked in. The Hulk is shocked by this news and demands answers. Berengetti tells the Hulk that he has become too unreliable. If he's not disappearing for days on end, he is getting into battles with other superbeings, which constantly puts Berengetti's business at risk. The fact that there is a demon impaled on a meat hook in his kitchen is the final straw. When Joe Fixit threatens to kill Berengetti, the mobster reveals he knew that he was the Hulk the whole time. This comes as a shock to the Hulk who has tried to keep his true identity a secret for months. Berengetti points out that it was obvious from the moment he first found the Hulk in Yucca Flats and offered him a job. Michael then warns the Hulk that if anything should happen to him, the Hulk's cover will be completely blown.

Suddenly, Glorian comes crashing in begging the Hulk for his help to get out of the contract he signed with Nick Cloot. Furious that the man had previously killed is back up and walking around and knocks Glorian outside of the casino. Before he goes outside, he tells Berengetti that he can't fire him, because he quits. The Hulk then leaps out into the street to continue his battle with Glorian. The dream-maker binds the Hulk in a rainbow and has him read the contract he sign with Nick Cloot and asks for the Hulk's help to get out of it. The Hulk refuses to give into Glorian's light, especially after all the group that Glorian caused in his life. Losing his temper, Glorian uses his powers to make it seem like the Hulk is being attacked by an army of Wolverines, Things, Thors and Abominations. Still the Hulk refuses to do anything to help.

Suddenly, Nick Cloot appears and tells Glorian that his time is up and it's time to go. Glorian begs the Hulk one last time to help, but still the Hulk refuses. Cloot tells Glorian that they are going to the Grand Canyon before he sends the boy to spend eternity in Hell. They quickly teleport to the Grand Canyon where Glorian continues to beg for his miserable life. Cloot reminds him that they had a contract that he has to honor. Suddenly the Grand Canyon begins to pour smoke as Cloot opens a massive portal to Hell at its bottom. As demons fly from the pit, Glorian looks out into the smoke and sees the form of his master the Shaper of Worlds and begs him for help. Before the golden youth can be dragged into the pit, the Hulk arrives. Although he's not there to save Glorian, but to watch his final moments on Earth. Cloot then offers the Hulk to take a look into the yawning abyss to see what his future fate is. As the Hulk peers into the inferno below, Cloot expresses his relief that Glorian didn't manage to save his soul as the Hulk will eventually become a welcome addition to his collection of souls.

Realizing what terrible fate awaits him in death, the Hulk has a change of heart. He pulls Glorian free, then tosses Cloot into the pit. Shedding his mortal guise, "Cloot" rises from the pit in his massive demonic form. The Hulk demands to know who he is really facing as he leaps up to attack. The demon formally known as Cloot knocks Hulk back introducing himself as Satannish, one of his many names. Before they can both be pulled into Hell, the Hulk offers to make a bet with the devil: if the Hulk wins, Satannish leaves with nothing, but if the demon wins he takes all, including Las Vegas. Satannish agrees and has Hulk name the game. The Hulk chooses a field bet on a game of craps. Suddenly two massive dice appear. The Hulk uses his massive strength to toss the dice. However, instead of letting them roll free, the Hulk leaps after them, timing his landings to influence the dice so they land on double sixes, winning the bet. Satannish accuses the Hulk of cheating, but the Hulk points out that they did not set rules against him influencing the dice, as well as the fact that it was possible for the devil to have loaded the dice. Deciding that he will no longer honor the bet, Satannish grabs both the Hulk and Glorian. That's when the Shaper of Worlds decides to step in and fights his ward and the Hulk free. Although he has lost the souls he wished to claim, Satannish retreats back to his domain telling the Shaper that he has, at the very least, tainted the soul of Glorian.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Shaper tells Glorian that he still has much to learn and the two take off for space, leaving the Hulk behind to sort out the disaster his life has become in the wake of Glorian's manipulations.


Continuity Notes

  • The demon who has been posing as Nick Cloot over the past few issues identifies himself as Satannish among other names synonymous or associated with the Biblical devil. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 4) #18 confirms that this was indeed Satannish the whole time.

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