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Quote1 Return that Body to the home of Doctor Strange, and the Mind to the original owner... or I will be forced to resort to... fisticuffs. Quote2
Prince Namor

Appearing in "Strange But True"

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  • The Argo

Synopsis for "Strange But True"

The Hulk has been possessed by Shanzar, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Strange Matter Dimension, in his bid to conquer the Earth and its universe. This Dark Hulk smashes out of Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium and leaps away. With people outside threatened by falling debris, Doctor Strange is forced to use his magic to save the people and let the Dark Hulk escape. Assessing the situation, Doctor Strange tells Namor that he must try to cast a binding spell to bridge the gap between the two universes while Namor goes out and tries to contain the Hulk. Elsewhere, Shanzar discovers that the mind of the Hulk is occupied by more than one mind. Going into the astral plane, he confronts Bruce Banner. Shanzar easily overpowers Banner and explains his plans to take over this universe. His conflict with Banner distracts Shanzar enough that the Sub-Mariner manages to find him and attack.

Meanwhile, in the state of Deleware, a police officer waits at a speed trap on the side of the road. He is bored and wonders if he got stuck with this job for getting in his commander's bad books. Suddenly, his radar gun picks up a speeding vehicle going over 167 miles an hour. Seeing the strange red car speed by, the officer calls it in.

Back in New York City, while Bruce Banner struggles to free himself from the trap within his mind, in the real world the Sub-Mariner struggles to try and contain this Dark Hulk. Their battle takes them to Washington Square Park, where Shanzar is not above injuring the people around him in order to stop the Sub-Mariner. When a number of patrons get impaled with the broken pieces of a jungle-gym, Namor lashes into his foe striking him as hard as possible, but to no avail. As Doctor Strange arrives on the scene, the Dark Hulk causes the Washinton Arch to collapse. Namor is buried under it as he tries to shield the body of a woman who was caught under the tumbling arch. Doctor Strange then manages to contain the Dark Hulk in the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. As Shanzar struggles to break free from these bonds, he is distracted enough for Bruce to wriggle out of his mind trap and find some way to exorcise this invader in his mind.

Meanwhile, at the Delaware/New Jersey border, a police cordon has been set up to stop the speeding vehicle. However, the driver is ready for them, using the vehicles weapons to blast through the roadblock and continue on unimpeded.

At that moment, the Dark Hulk manages to break free from his binds. While Doctor Strange continues to distract their foe, Namor recovers himself from the rubble and revitalises himself with water. As Namor and Strange battle Shanzar in the real world, Banner lures the invader in his mind to the strange barred door that he recently discovered in his mind. Strange decides that they need to get the Dark Hulk away from the innocent people and uses his magic to heal the injured before taking himself and Namor back to the Sanctum. The Dark Hulk follows and is fended off by Rintah. Meanwhile, inside Banner's mind, Bruce manages to open the barred door and there is something so powerful and furious that it frightens Shanzar. When Strange opens a portal to the Strange Matter Universe, the being leaves the Hulk's body and flees back into its dimension. Back in control, the Hulk sees that Banner opened the door he told him to leave close and quickly shuts and bars it once again so that whatever is inside does not get out. Exhausted from the ordeal, the Hulk collapses.

The next morning, Bruce Banner is getting ready to continue his search for his wife Betty. Doctor Strange was able ot locate her exact address through his connections in the medical community. However, he warns Banner that Betty had recently lost their baby. This breaks Bruce's heart, but he thinks its for the better as the baby would have likely been a freak just like him. Banner then takes a train to Connecticut and goes to the address that Doctor Strange gave him. There, Banner is shocked to discover that not only is the address a convent, that his wife Betty has become a nun as well.


Publication Notes[]

  • This issue contains a letters page, Gray Matter. Letters are published from Mark Tankersly, Robert J. Spasser, Stephen Cade, Jqan C. Childress, and Brian Wattelet.

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