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  • Jack
  • Alice
  • Sergi
  • Tony
  • Nikko
  • Agamemnon (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Moving On"

Trying to figure out how he was able to be harmed fighting the Hulk, Achilles has himself bombarded with lasers to test his durability. Everything turns out fine until the Hulk enters the room. Everyone is surprised by his new outfit, which just barely fits. While the Hulk talks about his tours of the Mount, Achilles is bombarded with gas. To the shock of everybody, the gas starts harming him. With the room incapable of being ventilated before Achilles suffocates, the Hulk smashes into the training room and pulls Achilles out of danger and rushes him to the infirmary.

While back at Rick Jones' apartment in Reno, the debate goes on about the idea of Betty Banner moving in with Marlo. Betty admits that she has a problem that Marlo had a relationship with the Hulk during his time as Joe Fixit. However, when Marlo challenges Betty by calling her a stiff who waits around for her husband between slugfests, Betty bets she can get a job and prove herself a sufficient roommate. Back at the Mount, Ulysses scolds Paris for almost making him crash their plane when he first brought the Hulk to their headquarters. Their argument is interrupted when the Hulk arrives. Ulysses thanks him for saving Achilles but scolds him for the damage caused while doing it. The Hulk picks up Ulysses and slams him against the wall and warns him to watch his tone when speaking to him. Paris is impressed by the Hulk and introduces himself. He explains that after examining Achilles they discovered that the reason why his invulnerability has been acting strangely is because of the Hulk. For some reason, the gamma radiation in the Hulk's body affects Achilles invulnerability. He also explains that most of the high-ranking members of the Pantheon are all related by blood through Agamemnon and as such have superhuman abilities of their own through birth. Suddenly, the Hulk is attacked by Ajax, who is still angry at the Hulk for fighting Atalanta when the Pantheon first confronted him.

Back in Reno, Betty Banner is settling in at Marlo's place, and the two women begin talking over drinks. Betty admits she is envious of Marlo's figure, figuring she had to fight off men with a stick. She talks about how she first met Bruce Banner when he started working on the gamma bomb and how her father, Thaddeus Ross wasn't happy about it. Marlo admits that Bruce was so guarded in Vegas and asks Betty what he's really like. Betty admits that following his most recent transformation, she doesn't really know anymore. At the Mount, the battle between the Hulk and Ajax continues. The fight takes them to the Mount's indoor forest where Atalanta gets in the middle of the fight. She convinces the simple minded Ajax that the Hulk is their friend and Ajax instantly changes his behavior toward the newcomer. Ulysses explains to the Hulk that Ajax is confined to his armor because his massive frame would crush him to death if he didn't. He also has an obsessive devotion to Atalanta. When Ulysses tries to introduce the Hulk to Delphi, she walks past them without giving them a moments notice.

Meanwhile, in New York City, actress Nadia Dornova exits a theater where she is performing the play "Metamorphosis" to greet her fans. As she signs autographs, Nadia spots the man who has been following her and tells her bodyguard Sergi to do something about it. Sergi tries to approach the man, secretly the Hulk's old friend the Abomination, who flees and disappears without a trace. Back at the Mount, Ulysses show the Hulk the Pantheon's current project. He is taken to an infirmary where hundreds of people have are being treated for horrible burns caused by napalm. Ulysses explains that the napalm, purchased from the United States, was used against them by their own government. Ulysses explains that the Pantheon are going to stop this atrocity from continuing and asks the Hulk if they can count on his support. The Hulk agrees that he will help.

Back in Reno, Betty and Marlo are drunk and laughing at old stories about the Hulk. When they start talking about Betty getting a new wardrobe, she also mentions how she hates her hair. Marlo decides that they should cut and dye Betty's hair. While back at the Mount, Delphi checks her water pool to see glimpses of the future. First, she sees the image of the Hulk accepting the invitation to join the Pantheon. The image then changes to a picture of the Hulk covered with blood laughing like a madman.


Continuity Notes

  • The reason why Betty Banner is unimpressed with the idea of living with Marlo Chandler is because Marlo dated the gray Hulk from Incredible Hulk #347357. Betty found about this in Incredible Hulk #376 and she wasn't impressed to hear the news.
  • Betty mentions a number of her previous exploits thanks to her association with the Hulk. They are:
  • The image of the Hulk at the end of this story is a preminition of the events of Incredible Hulk #400.

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