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Quote1.png Look at them all... walking around with their heads hung. Ashamed to even look at each other. Disgusting. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dark Dominion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gestalt (First and only known appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Atalanta's Energy Bow


Synopsis for "Dark Dominion"

With half of the population of Earth suddenly snuffed out of existence, the city of New York City has gone into utter chaos as violence and looting explodes on the streets. Amid all the chaos one man, a being calling himself Gestalt, revels in the carnage. In Central Park, Gestalt watches as a horde of crazed citizens swarm a trio of joggers.

In the Theater District, the Hulk finds himself teleported back to Earth once again. Although he is in the middle of a battle to decide the fate of the whole universe, he still can't help but worry about his wife Betty. As he begins looking for a payphone to call his wife, he is struck by a crazed driver. The Hulk isn't injured, but the driver is knocked out. Checking out the wrecked car, Bruce finds a cell phone and uses it to try and call the apartment that Betty shares with Marlo Chandler. He gets a busy signal, figuring that one of the women are chatting on the phone, unaware that the phone has been off the hook since Marlo passed out after seeing Rick Jones suddenly disappear on live television.

While in Central Park, Atalanta has come to New York City to check on her mother. When she is attacked by the swarm of enthralled citizens, she is assisted by Ajax who she brought with her as backup. Meanwhile, Gestalt takes an army of enthralled people to a nearby church and when the priest comes out to tell the people to go home, he has his slaves pull the man outside. As the Hulk leaps across the city, he spots the priest, who has been tied to a burning cross by Gestalt's slaves. The Hulk saves the priest and Gestalt decides to fight him one on one. Suddenly, Gestalt grows in mass so he can match the strength of the Hulk. Forming a spiked club, Gestalt starts beating on his foe, gloating about how he revels in the darkness in the heart of man. As the Hulk begins gaining ground in the fight, Gestalt sics the enthralled New Yorkers on him. Unwilling to give into Gestalt's powers, the Hulk tosses his victims aside and then uses the club to bludgeon his foe to death.

With Gestalt dead, people begin returning to normal. At that moment, Rick Jones and all the other people who disappeared off the face of the Earth suddenly reappear. In Central Park, a woman cries over the death of her son, who was killed in the attack on Ajax and Atalanta. Her tears and questions hit Atalanta pretty hard. Later Rick asks the Hulk if they won the battle against Thanos. He isn't sure, especially when considering how the people reacted when he was enacting his plans, he considers the battle a draw.


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