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Synopsis for "Hiding Behind Mosques"

The Hulk is in Israel to stop Achilles from murdering a young boy named Max Meer. Delphi had a vision where the boy is destined to become a dictator some forty years in the future. This led to the Hulk being attacked by Sabra, Isreal's super-soldier. Before he could explain himself, the Hulk's larynx was paralyzed by her energy quills making it impossible for him to talk. As the two fight it out, Max Meer and his friend Greata Rabin flee from Achilles after the boy used his apparent mental powers to send a mob after their attacker and Rick Jones. Jones and Achilles are forced to work together to get away from the angry mob. Meanwhile, the Hulk is getting fed up with his fight with Sabra as it is taking him away from trying to stop Achilles from killing the boy. The fight takes them smashing into the Museum of Isreal the final straw for Sabra. She lashes out against the Hulk, upset how she was humiliated by being present when the Hulk was pardoned and how she was mocked when the Hulk went on a rampage not even a month later. Still, the Hulk is able to fend off her attacks.

Meanwhile in Reno, Betty Banner arrives at her new job at 1-800 Hotline where she is told to take the day off as a mob of reporters have shown up. Betty tells them to leave her alone and give her some privacy. While back in Israel, Rick and Achilles come out of hiding when the coast is clear. When Rick asks why he has gone rogue on the Pantheon, Achilles tells Jones about how Max Meer is destined to become the next Hitler and he vowed to never let such a thing happen again. When Rick asks what he means, Achilles distracts Rick and knocks him out then takes off to finish his mission.

Sabra and the Hulk are still fighting across the city when they land near the Wailing Wall. Realizing her error, she tries to get away before this ancient landmark can be destroyed. However, the Hulk pulls off her cape, cutting off her ability to fly and begins beating on her. Meanwhile, Achilles is catching up with Max and Gretta. When Max tries to use his mind control powers against Achilles, his invulnerability makes him immune to mind control as well. Back at the Wailing Wall, Sabra dares the Hulk to attack her, stating that she will defend country from anything. The Hulk finally gains his ability to talk and tells her he surrenders, telling her why he has come. Elsewhere in town, Rick Jones is found by the mob that was enthralled by Max Meer and is making a run for it.

At that moment, Achilles has chased Max up onto the Dome of the Rock, where Max trips over his feet and falls off the Dome. However, instead of falling to his death, Max is saved by the Hulk who comes swooping in to save him. Sabra and the Hulk then confront Achilles. Seeing that Max could be trampled to death by the mob he enthralled and sent after Rick, the rogue Pantheon member decides to stall for time. He explains to the pair that he was born in 1909 in Germany and during World War II he found himself and his family placed in the Dachau concentration camp because his family was Jewish. It was when he was sent to the gas chamber that Achilles discovered that he was invulnerable to harm. After getting dumped in a mass grave, Achilles dug himself up from the pile of dead bodies and fled. Since then, he has vowed to never let such an atrocity ever happen again. While he's explaining his motivations, Max is trampled by the mob and seriously injured.

With their mission made a moot point, the Hulk takes Achilles and Rick back to the Mount. There, Agamemnon explains that the boy will live since he was taken to a hospital in Jerusalem. The leader of the Pantheon tells the Hulk and Rick that Achilles will be punished harshly for going against orders. However, when they're gone, Agamemnon reveals to his son that this is all a test to see how they would all react. Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, Greta visits Max and tells him that the doctors believe that he will remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. However, since she is the one with the mind control powers -- channeling them through Max -- she believes that he can still be the great leader she hopes him to be.


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  • This issue contains a letters page, Green Mail. Letters are published from Nic Weismiller, Cindy Lewis, Alan Page, John Casto, M.O. Sirvano, Mike Kaplan, and Jack Gilreath.

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